Mircea Fechet: LAST MINUTE Official Announcements regarding the Future of Energy in Romania

Mircea Fechet made a series of last-minute official announcements regarding the future of energy in Romania, here's what the Minister of the Environment is saying now.

Mircea Fechet Official Announcements LAST MOMENT Future of Energy Romania

The Minister of the Environment today inaugurated the Green Energy Expo & Romenvirotec, the largest fair dedicated to renewable energies and environmental protection in Romania, held between April 11 and 13 at the Romexpo Exhibition Center in the Capital. The event, which hosts over 150 international and local brands, is organized by Euroexpo and Romexpo, in collaboration with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (MMAP).

Mircea Fechet emphasized the importance of the fair in promoting sustainability and innovation in the field of environmental protection: "It is essential to bring environmental technologies to the fore and to discuss climate change and its impact in Romania. We want this event to be a success and contribute to the public agenda on green energy and green jobs.”

Mircea Fechet stated that, in the context of Romania's commitment to a 'neutral Romania' until 2050, the minister mentioned that the creation of at least 100.000 new jobs in the renewable energy sector is expected. This vision is supported by the participation in the fair of 40 international and local speakers, who will demonstrate the latest technologies and equipment.

Simultaneously with the fair, the International Environment Forum takes place, organized by InfoMediu Europa Magazine in partnership with the prime minister's chancellery and MMAP. This forum aims to bring together opinion leaders, international experts and government representatives to develop sustainable solutions to global environmental challenges.

The event also offers an impressive variety of stands and exhibitions, including large-scale stands, demonstrating the organizers' commitment to a world-class fair. Participants have the opportunity to see the latest technologies in action in the field of renewable energy and waste management, marking an important step in Romania's ecological transformation.