Maine Apple va face un MARE anunt!

Daca veti accesa site-ul oficial al celor de la Apple veti observa ca pe prima pagina avem un anunt in care Apple specifica faptul ca maine la ora 17:00 Apple va anunta ceva in legatura cu iTunes. Sincer sa fiu pare a fi o chestie foarte importanta avand in vedere ca Apple i-a dedicat intreaga sa pagina principala.

Nu, nu cred ca e vorba de iOS 4.2, ci presupun ca e legat de streaming in the cloud sau mai mult ca sigur un nou serviciu bazat pe iTunes. Voi ce parere aveti?

UPDATE: Iata ce prezic unii :

  1. “..You’ll never forget” seems to indicate some sort of cloud backup of data.  Perhaps music and video from iTunes in the cloud.  That’s something that has been long rumored.
  2. AppleTV is due for the 4.2 Airplay video update.  Airplay from the cloud seems like a likely tie in.
  3. There isn’t any media or ‘event’ planned.
  4. This will be something webcast tomorrow morning in the US.  The timing indicates it is a global event, not US centric (otherwise why wake up at 7am on the West Coast – and show the time zones London and Tokyo?  That’s a likely tie-in to the big news.
  5. Facebook’s Email event is later today.  Apple loves foiling other events with news of their own.  Google has a smaller fashion event on Wednesday.
  6. What iTunes event would be complete without Beatles speculation?