Prima Pagina Apple Iata tratatul de pace dintre fanii Apple si Samsung (comic)

Iata tratatul de pace dintre fanii Apple si Samsung (comic)

  Apple si Samsung au unii dintre cei mai loiali fani de pe glob, pe internet apar foarte multe discutii aprinse intre acestia si cei de la CNN s-au gandit sa faca un asa-zis “tratat” de pace pentru fanii ambelor companii. Din pacate aceasta este doar o mica gluma facuta de catre cei de la CNN, insa ar fi fost util sa existe o metoda de a impaca toata lumea cu un document asemanator.

Conciliatory Treaty

WHEREAS, the respective Parties, the Apple Fanboys (also known as “Apple Fanbois,” “Fanb0yz,” “iPhoners” or simply “The Mac Faithful,” among many other names) and the Samsung Fanboys (also known as “Apple H4terz,” “Galaxians” or “Androiders”) seek a lasting peace, both online and off, and…

WHEREAS, online forums, queues for new products and technology blogs have become polluted with smack talk, useless feature comparisons and Photoshopped ads meant to deride and belittle each other’s device preference, and…

WHEREAS both sets of Parties recognize that a competitive market is both critical and necessary for continued technological innovation to benefit all, especially early adopters…

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree to abide by the agreements herein, enumerated in the terms of the articles set forth below:


Apple Fanboys agree not to keep bringing up the August 2012 $1 billion patent verdict against Samsung as a way of trying to squelch any disagreement over who may have copied what, recognizing that the case covered a limited scope of features. Samsung Fanboys will similarly cease efforts to end all arguments by discussing “Open” versus “Closed” platforms, accepting that there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to each.


Apple Fanboys won’t list how many apps are available for iOS (more than 700,000, since the treaty brought it up) on every message board about app development while Samsung Fanboys will minimize cross-Party discussion of expandable SD-card memory, replaceable batteries, screen size, NFC technology or how Android’s notifications are still way better than Apple’s, even after Notification Center was added to iOS and Mac OS X.


Both Parties will agree that Widgets, often touted as a selling point by Samsung Fanboys, are actually kinda dumb, but then so is Apple’s “Podcast” app, which is just absolutely the worst. Apple Fanboys acknowledge that Animated Wallpaper would be a nice feature to have while Samsung Fanboys admit that late at night, they sometimes wake up screaming from nightmares about product upgrade fragmentation across the Android platform.


Apple Fanboys vow to stop taking the words of Steve Jobs (RIP) about going thermonuclear on Google over Android as personal marching orders. Samsung Fanboys agree to share some of the 50 Gigabytes of Dropbox storage that came with their Galaxy S3 phone and to let Apple Fanboys play around with the Swype keyboard feature whenever it is requested.


Both Parties agree to a complete and immediate ban on mocking in the following manner: Apple Fanboys will no longer pick up a Samsung Note device and hold it up to their ear, shouting, “HELLO!? I THINK THIS PHONE IS TOO BIG FOR MY FACE!” Samsung Fanboys likewise agree to stop posting images online of people holding up iPads to take photos, superimposed with the word “FAIL” on the image.


Samsung Fanboys agree to immediately boycott and disown television commercials making fun of Apple customers standing in line. Apple Fanboys, in exchange, promise to stop treating iPhone and iPad launch days like a national holiday or, Steve Jobs forbid, like the Woodstock of their generation.


The oath to be taken by both Apple and Samsung Fanboys upon ratification of this peace treaty shall be in the following form: “I ……. do solemnly swear allegiance to all sleek, cutting-edge, full-featured mobile devices, be they made by Apple or by manufacturers of Android-based products. Should I feel the need to criticize, boast by comparison or complain about a product that rivals the one I own and use, such Internet-based venom will be directed at a third-party target [namely Windows mobile or, ha ha, BlackBerry users. LAME.].”

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the respective Parties sign this Treaty by digital signature or QR Code, then Tweet a link for all to see.

BY AGREEMENT OF BOTH PARTIES, war between Apple and Samsung Fanboys is declared to have terminated October, 2012.

  • macheavel

    f**k apple ,f**k samsung love NOKIA.:d

  • Bogdan

    mi se pare ca e o “intelegere” facuta de fanii apple ca sa ii injoseasca pe cei samsung… nu exista nici un fel de egalitate in acel transcript; incepand de la denumiri “apple haters” – eu am amandoua si nu urasc nici unul din ele. parera mea.

  • Shaun

    iubesc Apple, iubesc Samsung.

  • Hybrid

    amandoua sunt 2 compani care fac niste lucruri extarordinare ….

  • adrian

    apple e cel mai tare,iubesc apple,urasc samsung,daca facea si samsung ceva bun(facut de ei nu copiat) poate aveau si ei succes

  • Claudiu daniel

    Intr o zi…. cand vor creste unii din ei …

  • crixalis

    Si Samsung si Apple fac telefoane bune si sunt cei mai tari pe piata. Difera un pic pentru-ca samsung se axeaza si pe telefoane middle si low-end asa zisele “plastice” de catre apple fan boy fanatici care au uitat ca pana la 3gs iphone tot plastic era dar atunci nu conta.

  • Vlad

    Da tot plastic ERA, dar asta a fost acum 4 ani de atunci multe s-au schimbat

  • Florin

    @vlad, sunt convins că ai prins mesajul lui Crixalis. Similar, poți spune și că ecranul de 3.5 inci era perfect cu 4 ani în urmă. Dacă din 2013 telefoanele concurente iphonului vor fi făcute cu sticlă sau aluminiu, iar iphone va fi făcut cu oțel, tot ecosistemul de fani Apple va spune că iphone e cel mai tare pt ca are carcasa de oțel, iar restul e varză pt ca au carcasă de sticlă. Li se va spune că și iphone a avut sticlă, și tu vei răspunde: ‘Da tot sticlă ERA, dar asta a fost acum x ani de atunci multe s-au schimbat’
    Cred cu tărie că un smartphone NU există prin materialul carcasei, ci prin ceea ce poate face și oferă utilizatorilor.

  • cosmin_oss

    Nu facem pace cu dusmanul

  • Ed

    Foarte tare articolul. Ieri am fost la salon sa ma tund. Frizerita mea e tanara, are in de 27 ani, bani, coor, t@ate, dar nu avea smart-telefon. Cand intru in salon il gasesc pe unu gen johnny bravo romaneac, cu un samsung s2 si un samsung s3. Striga la frizera ce cont ce parola pana mea. Ii seta conturile de mail. In fine. Astept, intru la tins. O intreb daca si a telefon, si imi zice ca da. Ii zic sa il poarte cu placere ( in gandul meu – nu aveam cum sa ii zic sa il foloseasca cu placere :))) ) si ii mai zic ca mai bine isi lua un iphone 4 decat samsung s2. Eu fan apple cu macbook pro ipad si i4s. Aude sclavul ala care el ii vanduse stiuca aia de telefon. Vine repede si imi zice ca nu se compara d aia nu si a cumparat. Asta nici nu a apucat sa deschida gura ca a si raspuns johnny de dincolo. Ii explic eu ca da nu se compara mai ales la materiale dar si la sistem de operare. Si vreau sa va zic ca asta ma tundea, eu ma certam cu ala dupa scaun. Dupa ce am terminat m am dus la el sa il salut ca doar ieseam din salon. Nu a vrut sa ma mai salute. Se suparase. Si atunci i am zis ca e frustrat. Ma suna frizera peste 4 ore ca nu ii place cum merge touchul si ca wifiul ii face figuri cand baga o parola la o retea. Ca ala nu are telefonul deschis de unde l-a cumparat si nu stie ce sa faca. :))) na belea