Apple se panicheaza, modifica design-ul iOS 7 pentru a linisti consumatorii (comic)


  Avand in vedere afluenta de plangeri legate de design-ul iOS 7, cei de la Apple s-au panicat si s-au gandit ca utiilizatorilor le trebuie ceva mai simplu, mai curat, asa ca au ales sa implementeze in iDevice-uri interfata primelor Mac-uri. Mai jos aveti opinia celor de la Scoopertino in legatura cu schimbarea, plus o prezentare ceva mai detaliata a noilor modificari.

CUPERTINO, CA —  Just weeks after unveiling “a stunning new interface” for iOS 7, Apple CEO Tim Cook has let loose with an even bigger stunner.

The widely panned interface has been junked months before iOS 7 even ships.

At a special press conference today, Cook trotted out a new design scheme that leverages Apple’s heritage — and saves a few bucks in the process.

The new iOS 7 design brings back the original 1984 Macintosh interface. By doing so, Apple hopes to warm the hearts of its users and wash away the bad taste of Jony Ive’s first software effort.

Cook opened the press conference with a bit of humor. “I don’t suppose you’ll believe our first shot at iOS 7 was all Scott Forstall’s fault,” he quipped.

According to sources inside Apple, Cook faced a painful decision: suffer more attacks for a substandard iOS 7 or abandon ship on the controversial design and swallow millions in development costs.

Summoning the ghost of Mac OS 1 made the decision easy.

“The old icons are tried and true. Plus, they’re already paid for,” said Cook.

“Cha-ching,” added Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer, in his only contribution to the press conference.

iOS 7 is still on schedule to ship in the fall — and guaranteed to delight octogenarian Apple fans around the world.