Un iPod este furat in Spania, incepe sa trimita poze cu noii proprietari din Bucuresti

  In timpul unei vacante petrecute in Spania, o familie a fost jefuita de catre unul sau mai multi hoti care ar fi escaladat balconul hotelului in care acestia stateau, furand cateva sute de euro si mai multe dispozitive electronice. Raportand jaful la politie si primind mai apoi banii de la compania la care erau asigurate dispozitivele, una dintre victime s-a gandit sa verifice contul iCloud asociat iDevice-ului pentru a vedea daca il poate localiza si daca in PhotoStream exista poze cu persoanele la care a ajuns terminalul.

The first photo was taken just an hour after the theft. „The first photo was taken just an hour after the theft,” says NP „I therefore assume that it is, is either the thieves themselves at the people who are to be seen in the pictures – or to persons who had a very close contact with the thieves. „It shows a family with three children, who plays to the gallery for photos from various scenes. The pictures show that they initially seem stayed in Spain. The tracking function then pointed to but that she was now in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

  Spre marea sa surprindere, victima a reusit sa localizeze terminalul, insa a gasit si destule poze cu „noua” familie a dispozitivului, aceasta locuind in Bucuresti. Se pare ca ea se afla in Spania in momentul comiterii jafului si prima poza incarcata cu un membru al ei a aparut in iCloud la doar o ora de la comiterea jafului. Chiar daca nu se stie daca vreun membru al familiei a comis intr-adevar jaful, politia din Elvetia, tara natala a turistilor, a primit informatiile despre geolocalizare si pozele familiei, insa deocamdata nu s-a actionat in vreun fel.

There you promised me the Spanish and Romanian police turn.” Since then, he had but heard nothing more. When I look at the pictures, do me especially the children of this family suffering – that they have to grow up in an environment in which to steal apparently used or stolen devices without remorse for themselves.

  Desi a fura este usor, multi nu stiu despre sistemele de protectie asociate iDevice-urilor, asa ca pot fi descoperiti extrem de usor de catre politie in baza datelor de geolocalizare, ba mai rau, daca trimit poze prin iCloud catre victime sunt si mai usor de identificat.

Thanks to Sparxxx.