Video: Acoustic Ruler Pro masoara distanta dintre doua iDevice-uri



   Acoustic Ruler Pro este o aplicatie foarte interesanta pentru iDevice-uri care permite utilizatorilor sa masoare distanta dintre terminale folosind simple sunete. Conceptul este asemantor cu cel folosint la aparate sonar, adica dispozitivul emite un sunet, preia cel venit inapoi de la celalalt iDevice si calculeaza distanta dintre dispozitive. Ideea este interesanta insa ea functioneaza doar intre iDevice-uri care au microfon inclus si sunt capabile sa emita sunete. In ceea ce priveste distanta maxima care poate fi masurata, vorbim despre 25 de metri, mai mult decat suficient pentru a masura orice.

The app works by clocking the time delay of the emitted sound waves. There are two different operation modes: a single device operation (with headphones) and a dual device mode for measuring the distance *between* two devices. Read below to find out which modes work on your iOS device. The app lets you set the air temperature as an additional calibration. This is important, because the speed of sound varies considerably with temperature, affecting the precision of the measurements. You can switch between displaying the measurement in feet/inches and meters/centimeters. Accordingly, the air temperature will either be set in degrees fahrenheit or celsius.

   Acoustic Ruler Pro este disponibila in AppStore pentru 0.79€.

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Acoustic Ruler Pro



Developer: Florian Student
Categoria: Utilities

Descriere: Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a ruler in your pocket all the time Well now you can! Measure distances of up to 25 meters (82 feet) with two devices or up to 1.10 meters with one device and headphones.
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