Noile EarPods sunt mai bune decat vechile casti ale iDevice-urilor, dar nu sunt chiar atat de grozave


  Impreuna cu iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G si iPod Nano Apple va oferi casti EarPods care, conform lui Ive, reprezinta o „revolutionare” a castilor pentru terminale mobile. Aceste EarPods ar trebui sa stea mai confortabil in ureche, ar trebui sa ofere sunete mult mai clare, practic ar trebui sa fie mai bune decat vechile casti si adevarul este ca Apple are dreptate, partial. Castile sunt intr-adevar mai bune in ceea ce priveste redarea sunetelor, insa ele continua sa cada din urechi si continua sa fie inconfortabile pentru utilizatori.

  • Tested on my iPhone using, you know, the music on my iPhone.
  • The old buds were a tinny, muddy mess. On the EarPods, the high end still sounds crispy, but at least there’s some bass in the mix now.
  • The new Pods also sound incrementally clearer than the buds. You’ll hear more details.
  • They still hurt your ears, physically.
  • More than sound quality, what people really hated about the old buds was an improper fit. This made them basically unusable unless sitting perfectly still. Could we get a little rubber to help them stay in place? So much for music on the go.
  • EarPods. Weird name, right? Ear. Pods. EarPods.

  Cei de la Gizmodo nu recomanda achizitionarea lor, iar daca ele isi merita banii sau nu, veti afla cand le achizitionati sau cand cumparati unul dintre noile iDevice-uri.