Prima Pagina aplicatii Camera+ update este disponibil in App Store, aduce efect flash pentru camera...

Camera+ update este disponibil in App Store, aduce efect flash pentru camera frontala si multe alte noutati


  Camera+ este cea mai buna aplicatie terta cu care puteti face poze de pe propriile iDevice-uri, iar in cursul noptii trecute ea a fost actualizata. Noua versiune a aplicatiei adauga un efect de flash pentru camera frontala, adauga posibilitatea de a controla expunerea pozelor in timp real, aduce sincronizarea frame-urilor pentru iPhone 5, aduce imbunatatiri ale performantelor si a modului in care sunt inregistrate pozele cu terminalele noastre, si la final rezolvarea bugurilor versiunii anterioare :

Camera+ is widely regarded as the best shooting app in the App Store. For Camera+ 3.6 we’ve focused (almost no pun intended) our energies on making the best shooting experience even better! Our internal codename for this update has been Operation ÜberCam and here’s why…

Front Flash
First off, we’ve made the impossible possible: we’ve managed to add a flash to your front-facing camera. That’s right… you can now take pics of yourself in total darkness! We predict that the number of duckface photos taken around the world will increase by an order of magnitude as a result. We apologize in advance.

Horizon Level
Are you that person who never takes a straight photo? Well, with this new level, you’ll never have to feel the frustration of taking a crooked shot again. And where levels in other cameras look like something out of a flight simulator, we went for a much different approach. We channeled the ghost of Jonathan Ive(s), said the magic phrase, “AL-LU-MIN-I-UM” three times, and this incredibly simple, elegant, and nonintrusive Horizon Level was the result.

Live Exposure
We didn’t forget all of you advanced iPhoneographers with this update. With the new Live Exposure feature, you get all the details of your shot before you take it. You can now see how exposure parameters like ISO and shutter speed change in real-time as you setup your shot. You always strive to take the best photos and Live Exposure in the new Camera+ helps you achieve them.

Accurate iPhone 5 Framing
An added benefit of Live Exposure is that on your iPhone 5, you now get 100% accurate shot framing. With Live Exposure turned-on, there’s absolutely no viewfinder cropping so What You See Is What You Shoot (or WYSIWYS, because the world doesn’t have enough acronyms).

Many, Many Camera Improvements
As great as Camera+ shooting is, there’s always room for improvement. We really wanted to provide the best shooting experience, bar none, with this update and we believe we’ve done that. Anything that didn’t feel 100% perfect was given a good overhaul. The end result is well over a dozen improvements that add-up to the best shooting experience on any camera.

Various Minor Improvements
Yeah, we’ve been calling this update Operation ÜberCam but we didn’t just limit ourselves to camera improvements. We’ve taken a look at all areas of Camera+ that could use a good tweaking here and there and made a bunch of small changes that lead to a much better overall experience for you.

Various Bug Fixes
Ah, it wouldn’t be software if there weren’t bugs in it. We’re always trying our best to make Camera+ as bug-free as possible and this update is as close to that as ever. Thanks to all of you who report any bugs you find to us as this really helps us achieve this goal.

  Folosesc aplicatia Camera+ cu placere atunci cand vreaus a inregistrez poze si v-o recomand cu multa caldura.

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