Prima Pagina Apple Steve Jobs si cateva detalii din pregatirea unui keynote Apple

Steve Jobs si cateva detalii din pregatirea unui keynote Apple


  Don Melton, omul care ne-a povestit cat de bine a fost protejat Safari inaintea prezentarii oficiale, a publicat recent cateva informatii din procesul de pregatire al unui keynote Apple. Intr-un articol publicat pe blogul personal, fostul angajat al Apple descrie partial cum se pregatea Steve Jobs pentru o prezentare importanta. Fostul CEO al Apple repeta de cateva ori discursul pe care urma sa il tina in fata celor prezenti, facea exact aceleasi teste, pentru ca totul sa functioneze corect, iar angajatii sai il urmareau speriati din sala.

  In cadrul pregatirilor pentru conferinta de prezentare a Safari n-au existat probleme, insa Melton ofera cateva detalii interesante pe blogul sau.

Until I watched that video I found and posted of the Macworld keynote, I had completely forgotten what else was announced that day. Which is pretty sad considering I saw Steve rehearse the whole thing at least four times. But you have to realize I was totally focused on Safari. And Scott Forstall, my boss, wanted me at those rehearsals in case something went wrong with it. There’s nothing that can fill your underwear faster than seeing your product fail during a Steve Jobs demo.

One of my concerns at the time was network reliability. So, I brought Ken Kocienda, the first Safari engineer, with me to troubleshoot since he wrote so much of our networking code. If necessary, Ken could also diagnose and duct tape any other part of Safari too. He coined one of our team aphorisms, “If it doesn’t fit, you’re not shoving hard enough.”

Most of the time during those rehearsals, Ken and I had nothing to do except sit in the then empty audience and watch The Master Presenter at work — crafting his keynote. What a privilege to be a spectator during that process. At Apple, we were actually all students, not just spectators. When I see other companies clumsily announce products these days, I realize again how much the rest of the world lost now that Steve is gone.