Iat-o pe angajata Starbucks care a primit o comanda pentru 4000 de cafele de la Steve Jobs



  Prezentarea primului terminal iPhone a fost un moment oportun pentru ca Steve Jobs sa se dea putin in spectacol si sa dea startul unui trend care este pastrat in ziua de astazi. In timpul conferintei de prezentare a dispozitivului, CEO-ul Apple a sunat un Starbucks local pentru a plasa o comanda falsa pentru 4000 de cafele, comanda pe care a anulat-o mai tarziu. Acea comanda a fost primita de catre Hannah, pe care o vedeti mai jos, o angajata care inca lucreaza acolo si este mandra ca a discutat cu Jobs.

  Ea a fost admirata de catre prieteni pentru scurta discutie cu Steve Jobs, iar managerul sau sustine ca inca se primesc comenzi false asemanatoare cu cea a fostului CEO al companiei Apple. Ideea lui Jobs nu a fost repetata si in alte conferinte ale Apple, ori ale altor companii importante, iar un simplu gest pare sa se fi transformat intr-o intamplare foarte importanta pentru angajatii acelui Starbucks.

Funny enough, now orders for 4,000 lattes are more common, thanks to the endless droves of Apple fanboys still wanting to partake in some aspect of Jobs’s legacy. “Before him, no [we never received such an order],” Hannah says. “After he made the call, everyone copied him, prank calling our store and ordering thousands of lattes–to this day!”

Kimiko Barbour, the store’s manager, realized the reason for the recurring prank calls only after Fast Company made inquiries for this story. “They happened randomly. It’s funny because I didn’t even know that this existed until [you called],” she says. “Another manager was like, ‘Hey, have you seen the video?’ And I was like, ‘What video?’ She emailed it to me, and I showed Hannah. Then it all connected. That’s why people order 4,000 lattes! You know what I mean? Before, it was like, ‘Who would order thousands of lattes?'”