Apple si Samsung au incasat intreg profitul industriei producatorilor de telefoane mobile


  Apple si Samsung sunt doi dintre cei mai mari producatori de telefoane mobile de pe glob, iar in Q1 2013 cele doua companii au incasat intreg profitul industriei producatorilor de telefoane mobile. Da, ati citit bine, deoarece conform celor de la Cannacord niciun alt producator de telefoane mobile nu a inregistrat profit in primele 3 luni ale acestui an. Vestile sunt bune pentru toata lumea, deorece in trecut producatorii de terminale mobile, in afara Apple si Samsung, inregistrau pierderi, insa in Q1 2013 au reusit sa egaleze costurile prin incasari.

Apple and Samsung can’t be stopped in the handset market, according to new data from analysts at Cannacord Genuity. The analysts on Monday announced that Apple and Samsung again combined to steal all of the operating profits in the handset industry in the first quarter of 2013. In other words, there isn’t a single other device maker competing in the mobile industry right now that’s actually nabbing industrywide operating profits. Although that might sound like bad news for companies like Nokia, Motorola, and Sony, Cannacord pointed out that in the past, Apple and Samsung had actually combined to generate more than 100 percent of industry profits, due to losses at other handset makers. This time around, the figure is just 100 percent.

  Daca va intrebati cine a luat mai mult si cine a luat mai putin, ei bine Apple a inregistrat 57% din profit si Samsung 43%, procentul celor de la Apple fiind intr-o descrestere serioasa. Daca acum doi ani de zile Apple ajungea sa incazese trei sferturi din intregul profit al industriei, acum reuseste sa obtina putin peste jumatate, insa vinde mult mai putine terminale. Apple a vandut 37 de milioane de iPhone-uri, in timp ce Samsung a vandut 115 milioane de telefoane mobile, insa tot nu a reusit sa depaseasca Apple.