Prima Pagina aplicatii CanOpener promite sa imbunatateasca radical modul in care asculti muzica folosind iDevice-urile,...

CanOpener promite sa imbunatateasca radical modul in care asculti muzica folosind iDevice-urile, este disponibila la pret redus

  CanOpener este o aplicatie disponibila de ceva vreme in App Store, iar dezvotlatorii sai ne promit ca software-ul implementata in ea imbunatateste experienta de ascultare a muzicii prin intermediul iDevice-urilor. Aplicatia este gandita pentru a modifica felul in care muzica este redata prin intermediul castilor coenctate la iDevice-uri, algorimtul disponibil in CanOpener permitandu-le acestora sa redea sunetele muzicale intr-un mod asemanator cu cel oferit de boxele sistemelor audio. Folosind egalizatorilor si preset-urile aplicatiei puteti implementa diverse efecte 3D care va genereaza impresia ca ascultati muzica in diverse medii si nu la casti.

High quality audio, for when you’re wearing headphones. CanOpener was designed to make listening to music on headphones better. With comprehensive audio processing controls & metering, CanOpener allows you to fine-tune the listening experience for your own ears, headphones, and personal tastes. Crossfeed – CanOpener’s crossfeed algorithm allows your headphones to behave a bit more like speakers. The design, a result of extensive research and listening tests, incorporates several broad characteristics of an ideal loudspeaker setup, creating a more spacious, natural soundstage over headphones.

Equalizer – A gorgeous-sounding, touchable EQ enables intuitive, flexible tone shaping.  Dosimeter and loudness metering – For supported headphone models, CanOpener can measure precisely how loud you are listening, helping you monitor your listening habits and protect your hearing. Personalized control – CanOpener does not alter the audio until you tell it to. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all audio processors and feel strongly that you are the best judge of what sounds good for your music. If you’re not sure where to start, try some presets in the Crossfeed & Equalizer or ask us for help!

  CanOpener este disponibila la pret redus in momentul de fata in App Store, asa ca daca sunteti interesati de ea, ar fi recomandabil sa o cumparati.

Pretul initial:
CanOpener — for Headphones



Developer: Good Hertz LLC
Categoria: Music

Descriere: High quality audio, for when you’re wearing headphones.

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“Audiophiles rejoice, your ultimate plaything is here” Apps Magazine
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