Green Riding Hood – o aplicatie recomandata de Apple si oferita la reducere


Green Riding Hood a fost promovata drept aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii pentru iPhone, iPod Touch si iPad aleasa de catre compania Apple pentru a fi oferita gratuit in urmatoarea saptamana. In clipul video de mai jos puteti vedea functionalitatea pe care o ofera jocul Green Riding Hood pentru lumea intreaga, el fiind perfect pentru copiii care folosesc iDevice-uri.

Green Riding Hood are un motor grafic de exceptie pentru copiii si personaje menite sa ii tina “conectati” la joc, povestea de exceptie fiind gandita pentru a oferi ore intregi de gameplay. Conform dezvoltatorilor Green Riding Hood, povestea jocului seamana cu cea din Scufita Rosie, deci va trebui sa ghidati o fetita in calatoria sa catre bunica, ferindu-va de animale periculoase.

“”Green Riding Hood” is a new masterpiece app for kids. Enjoy its beautiful graphics, cute characters, bright story and excellent narration by Alistair Findlay — the voice of Nighty Night apps series that is loved by kids all around the world! Here you will find a beautifully drawn and animated story about a little girl, her Grandma, their animal friends and a hungry Wolf. But don’t be afraid. In this spinoff of the famous classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm the Wolf won’t have to eat anyone.”

Green Riding Hood este o recreatie a celebrei povesti care bucura copii din lumea intreaga, iar in versiunea pentru iDevice-uri ei o vor invata intr-un mod mult mai placut. Separat de motorul grafic excelent, aplicatia are si un fundal sonor de exceptie, asa ca vorbim despre cea mai buna experienta pe care copiii o vor avea.

  • CUTE CHARACTERS that will make your family have a hearty laugh!
  • BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS made by an award winning illustrator Andrey Gordeev whose portfolio includes Cannes Lion and ADC Global awards.
  • GREAT ANIMATIONS to whisk you away to a magic world!
  • FUN MINIGAMES that will cheer up and entertain kids and adults alike.
  • GRANDMA’S COOKING BOOK with plenty of recipes for a healthy and balanced diet.
  • EXCELLENT VOICEOVER recorded by Alistair Findlay — a Scottish actor whose filmography includes such classical movies as “Highlander” and “In the Name of the Father”. Children’s apps fans know him for his narration in the acclaimed Nighty Night HD apps series.

Green Riding Hood este disponibila pentru descarcare gratuita, in format universal, din AppStore, urmand acest link.