Viber 1.1 disponibila in AppStore, aduce noutati si imbunatatiri


Viber este o aplicatie disponibila in AppStore care permite posesorilor de iDevices sa faca apeluri VoIP gratuite cu alte contacte din agenda care au aplicaria Viber instalata. Aplicatia functioneaza cu orice iDevice, nu necesita inregistrarea unui username sau achitarea vreunei taxe, tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa introduceti numarul de telefon al contactului care are Viber instalat si sa incepeti sa sunati. Aplicatia va afiseaza automat care dintre contactele voastre fac parte din reteaua Viber asa ca veti sti imediat pe cine puteti suna. Aplicatia permite initierea si primirea de apeluri prin reteaua 3G sau Wi-Fi.

Noua versiune a aplicatiei aduce o functie foarte importanta pentru verificarea calitatii apelului si spun ca este importanta deoarece prin intermediul ei puteti afla cand sunteti intr-o zona cu semnal slab unde conexiunea este mult mai inceata si calitatea audio. Iata tot ce aduce nou Viber 1.1 :

Functii noi

  • Call quality indicator: keep track of your call quality with the new call quality indicator! During a Viber call, you’ll find the indicator at the top right-hand corner of your call screen. This will show you the quality of your network, which affects your Viber conversation quality.
  • Privacy policy: We respect your privacy. View the policy right off of the Viber application – simply go to the ‘More’ tab and click on Privacy Policy.

Buguri rezolvate

  • Voice quality improvement: our top priority is to deliver the best audio calls. We made changes and improvements to make it even better…!
  • Call connection improvement: did some of your Viber calls get stuck on ‘Answering…’? Or did you not hear your friend well at the start of your conversation?
  • We made fixes based on your feedback and requests. Let us know if you still experience any of these issues.
  • Bluetooth improvement: Bluetooth support is now working much better on Viber. So talk with a free Viber call, and hands free as well.
  • Country code improvement: we have improved the country codes on Viber. If you have been having problems setting up Viber because of this issue, check the list of updates on our support site:

Viber este disponibila gratuit in AppStore.

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Viber – Free Phone Calls


Developer: Viber Media Inc.
Categoria: Social Networking

Descriere: Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make free phone calls to other iPhone users that have Viber installed. When you use Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free, and the sound qual…

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