Prima Pagina 3G Viber 1.1 disponibila in AppStore, aduce noutati si imbunatatiri

Viber 1.1 disponibila in AppStore, aduce noutati si imbunatatiri


Viber este o aplicatie disponibila in AppStore care permite posesorilor de iDevices sa faca apeluri VoIP gratuite cu alte contacte din agenda care au aplicaria Viber instalata. Aplicatia functioneaza cu orice iDevice, nu necesita inregistrarea unui username sau achitarea vreunei taxe, tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa introduceti numarul de telefon al contactului care are Viber instalat si sa incepeti sa sunati. Aplicatia va afiseaza automat care dintre contactele voastre fac parte din reteaua Viber asa ca veti sti imediat pe cine puteti suna. Aplicatia permite initierea si primirea de apeluri prin reteaua 3G sau Wi-Fi.

Noua versiune a aplicatiei aduce o functie foarte importanta pentru verificarea calitatii apelului si spun ca este importanta deoarece prin intermediul ei puteti afla cand sunteti intr-o zona cu semnal slab unde conexiunea este mult mai inceata si calitatea audio. Iata tot ce aduce nou Viber 1.1 :

Functii noi

  • Call quality indicator: keep track of your call quality with the new call quality indicator! During a Viber call, you’ll find the indicator at the top right-hand corner of your call screen. This will show you the quality of your network, which affects your Viber conversation quality.
  • Privacy policy: We respect your privacy. View the policy right off of the Viber application – simply go to the ‘More’ tab and click on Privacy Policy.

Buguri rezolvate

  • Voice quality improvement: our top priority is to deliver the best audio calls. We made changes and improvements to make it even better…!
  • Call connection improvement: did some of your Viber calls get stuck on ‘Answering…’? Or did you not hear your friend well at the start of your conversation?
  • We made fixes based on your feedback and requests. Let us know if you still experience any of these issues.
  • Bluetooth improvement: Bluetooth support is now working much better on Viber. So talk with a free Viber call, and hands free as well.
  • Country code improvement: we have improved the country codes on Viber. If you have been having problems setting up Viber because of this issue, check the list of updates on our support site:

Viber este disponibila gratuit in AppStore.

Pretul initial:
Viber – Free Phone Calls


Developer: Viber Media Inc.
Categoria: Social Networking

Descriere: Viber is an iPhone application that lets you make free phone calls to other iPhone users that have Viber installed. When you use Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free, and the sound qual…

Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 6.1 Mb

  • CRB

    Merge cumva si pe iPhone 2G prin edge? 😀

  • Radu

    Apeluri video??!!

  • pcman

    Viber este disponibila gratuit in Cydia
    De ce Cydia si nu App Store?

  • Upsie 😀 AppStore.

  • Da, interesanta aplicatia..dar eu nu am reusit sa imi dau seama cum fac apelul video ! apelul normal..ok, l-am testat, e un fel de skype! dar video?
    Are cineva idee?

  • Nu pot posta cu numele meu

    Hmm, mai oameni, eu folosesc viber dar nu stiu sa se poata face apeluri video.

  • Dar cine v-a zis voua ca poti face apel video prin viber doar pt voce este …
    Partea interesanta este ca are push nu trebe sa-l ai pornit cand vrea cineva sa te sune este la fel ca whatsapp messenger doar ca ala este pt sms-uri si viber pt voce eu chiar folosesc aceasta aplicatie destul de mult am 4 5 prieteni plecati departe.. 5 stele din partea mea

  • pai stii de ce nu stii?? E simplu, pentru ca nu face…

  • Pai am observat si eu ..dar in descrierea lui zaone se pot face si apeluri am crezut ca nu am priceput eu ceva…

  • Am corectat descrierea.

  • Protektor

    Insemna ca este gratis si in 3G, nu doar pe wifi? e valabil pentru convorbiri in orice tara?

  • @Protektor Merge si pe wifi si pe 3G foarte bine.. atata timp cat folosesti 3g sau wifi poti suna oriunde in lume pe oricine care are viber si el instalat in telefon.. FREE MOKA GRATIS 🙂

  • Protektor

    Thx, eu credeam ca trebuie o retae wifi… super 😀

  • Hi,
    This is a representative of Viber Media!
    Scuză-mă, română meu nu este bun, aşa că voi scrie în limba engleză 🙂

    Thank you for your review of Viber 1.1. we are very happy that so many people worldwide are interested in our application.

    I would just like to add that Viber will soon be available also on other devices, and not only iPhone. the next one is Android, and it will happen in March. Viber will also allow to send Text Messages very soon (February).

    If you have any question about Viber – please feel free to ask.

    the Viber Team.

  • dream

    awesome 🙂

  • Cel care a comentat este un reprezentant al Viber, am verificat 😀

  • luck skywalker

    am intalat viber pe 2 tel 3gs jailbroken cu limearain unu are 4.1 si celalat 4.0.1 . problema esta ca nu apare sau nu suna cind sint apelat .ma poate ajuta cineva?

  • luck skywalker –
    Both you and the other person you are trying to call have the latest version of Viber? (1.1)

    Also – did you try to uninstall and reinstall Viber?

  • luck skywalker

    yes i have the latest version of viber, i try to reinstal but is the same problem . i don,t have the latest firmware.

  • Hmm.. very strange.
    And does the problem occur both on 3G and WiFi?

  • luck skywalker

    i don,t have 3g,is disabled from carier. only in wifi.

  • luck skywalker

    hi viber. I have new experiece. i instal viber on my ipod touch 3g , 4.1 and ican call from my iphone and its ringing it is ok. when i try to call back my iphone when is in sleep mode it isnt ring. Maybe some aplication blocking my phone?on my boy phone is the same problem

  • Please let me make sure I understood correctly – when your IPHONE is on sleep mode, you can’t hear its ring?

  • luck skywalker

    yes thats is the problem

  • luck skywalker

    but on my ipod touch 3g is no problem

  • @luck skywalker –

    1. What version of iOS is installed on both iPhones?
    2. Are both iPhones on the same cellular operator (company)?

  • luck skywalker

    both iphonne is 3gswith 4.1and 4.0.1 jailbreack with limerain ,the same operator, orange romania

  • One more question –

    When that iPhone is NOT on sleep mode, Viber works perfectly?

  • luck skywalker

    i have to turn on viber then it is work.
    when is in sleep mode i i resive notofications
    with lost calls. if you need i can sent my phone number

  • No need for phone number..

    What do you mean “you receive notifications”…?
    Let’s say someone calls you and you are on Sleep Mode. What do you see on your screen?
    Viber doesn’t ring, and then you see a notification of what? a Missed Call?

  • luck skywalker

    hi. now on iphone with 4.1 firmware is working well. on my iphone with 4.0.1 firmware i have to run viber on backround, then is ringing

  • luck skywalker

    i see a notification with missing call just after when i load viber
    steel dont ringing when i use te phone on inernet or somthing else and the viber is not runing in backround

  • Hmm…
    I understand now.

    Please visit our Support Forums at

    Write about your problem and our support team will be able to assist you.

  • luck skywalker

    maybe is depend from firmware

  • Hi everyone,
    We would like to deliver a message from our company to all our users:

    Recently there have been some complaints about Viber calls that don’t get through, or over-consumption of battery. We have realized that many users choose to completely shut Viber off when they don’t call (relying on Push Notifications for receiving calls).

    But this solution actually causes the reverse effect – it disrupts incoming calls, and it wastes battery life, trying to activate the Push Notification mechanism each time a call is received.

    For those of you with iPhone 3Gs and up (with “Multitasking”) – we advise all our users to keep their Viber running in the background, thus saving battery life and hopefully fixing the “Missed Call” bug.

    Thanks, and as usual if you have more questions please let me know,

  • Hi everyone,

    We (Viber Media) heard lately that some cellular operators in Romania have blocked VoIP on their 3G networks.
    specifically, Vodafone’s name came up.

    Is it true? can you confirm this?