Prima Pagina Apple iToke – cel mai nou produs al ”Apple” pentru fumatorul din tine

iToke – cel mai nou produs al \”Apple\” pentru fumatorul din tine

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     iToke este conceptul unei pipe electronice facut de catre baietii de la Scoopertino care si-au imaginat cum ar putea revolutiona Apple “industria” fumatorilor de “iarba”. iToke functioneaza in baza unor tigari fabricate de catre Apple special pentru pipa electonica iar dispozitivul are integrat un port USB folosit atat pentru incarcare cat si pentru aprinderea tigarilor. Desigur ca pipa nu putea sa functioneze fara o baterie interna asa ca Apple a implementat una care este capabila sa mentaina pipa in functiune pentru nu mai putin de 7 ore de utilizare continua.

          Pipa celor de la “Apple” face parte dintr-un ecosistem numit “walled ghanja garden” si desigur ca se adreseaza tuturor celor care au obiceiul de a fuma marijuana, canabis, etc. iToke este desigur doar rodul imaginatiei celor de la Scoopertino insa reprezinta o satira destul de buna la adresa celor de la Apple.

Cupertino, CA —If you thought Apple’s customers were smiling before, wait till you see them now.

Beating all competitors into states and territories where pot has been legalized, Apple has launched iToke — for the perfect “Apple-designed high.”

iToke looks like a small pipe, but that’s where the similarities end. Its built-in USB connector serves as both a power source for the internal ignition coils and direct pathway to your lungs. So you can enjoy instant-on reefer throughout the day — up to seven hours smoke time on a single charge.

iToke is part of a new ecosystem, what Apple is calling a “walled ghanja garden.” Apple controls both the hardware and the cannabis, to ensure the highest-quality highs.

iToke accepts only Apple-made iWeed, which comes in packs of 10 pre-rolled, paperless sticks that fit perfectly into iToke.

No more need to “roll your own” or be ridiculed by your friends for botching a joint. iToke automates the process so you can concentrate on what’s really important: getting high as a kite.

The inside word is that Apple engineers insisted on testing iToke more intensely than any product in Apple history. It was considered an honor to be invited to one of the engineers’ many “testing parties.”

“That explains why iPhone 5 will be six months late,” said our source.

iToke is available at the Apple Store for $79. iWeed is available by the 10-pack for $39.99, or on a subscription basis for $29.99/week with a two-year commitment.

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  • Alexandru Mihai

    Mega like !!!!

  • rundown

    hai ca asta-i tare..:)) are si un handsfree wireless incorporat in chistoc sau ? :))

  • Dragoș

    Pana la urma voi fuma iarba hi-tech ori nu ?

  • newman

    perfect,apple a deviceul perfect de spalat creiere,bravo apple,parca in USA era ilegal sa fumezi iarba…

  • newman


  • edy

    @newman: E o gluma, in caz ca nu ti-ai dat seama. Si in US e interzisa iarba, dar poate fi folosita in scopuri terapeutice. De aceea in ultimii ani s-au trezit milioane de “bolnavi” ca au “glaucom”. La magazinele astea de medicinal MJ, iarba e mai ieftina decat la dealerii clasici, astfel statul i-a cam scos din bussiness pe dealeri. 420( 20 aprilie) e o sarbatoare a MJ si a tuturor celor care o folosesc.

  • claudiu91

    ca sa fumezi iarba din ea e nevoie sa i faci jailbreak