Comex vorbeste despre banii facuti din jailbreak si despre plecarea la Apple

     Daca ati citit saptamana trecuta atunci cu siguranta ati aflat ca Apple a reusit sa il angajeze pe comex, cel care a facut solutiile de jailbreak 2.0 pentru iOS 4.0.x si 3.0 pentru iOS 4.3.x. Hackerul este student la colegiul Brown din SUA si pasiunea sa pentru dezvoltarea solutiilor de jailbreak l-a ajutat sa isi plateasca taxele scolare insa l-a si ajutat sa obtina o slujba la compania care produce terminalele pe care el le-a „spart”.

      Vorbind despre bani, comex a reusit sa adune nu mai putin de 55.000 $ din cele 2 solutii de jailbreak: 40.000$ din 2.0 si inca 15.000$ din 3.0. Desigur ca plecarea la Apple ne va lasa fara o sursa excelenta de exploit-uri pentru jailbreak insa comex sustine ca el vede totul ca pe o noua provocare si nu considera ca la Apple va reusi sa blocheze exploit-urile disponibile acum in iOS. Aveti mai jos cateva dintre intrebarile la care el a raspuns pe site-ul Reddit.

After your internship with Apple and after iOS 5 is officially released, will you continue to support the jailbreak community by providing exploits?


Edit: But I’ll want to jailbreak my phone, so I hope someone finds them :p

How has the core jailbreak dev teams responded to you going to work for apple?

Mostly with congratulations.

Have you made any money from the jb scene?

I’ve made a good amount of money through donations, which is mostly being used to help pay for college. JailbreakMe 2.0 was like $40,000; 3.0 was $15,000 (not quite sure why it decreased).

The jailbreak community took a huge hit when you left. Do you think the active players can outsmart you now that you’re playing for the other team, or are you Apple’s final solution to their jailbreak problem?

There are a lot of smart people working for Apple already; maybe I can help, but I doubt I can stop people from finding exploits.

What, besides money, made you flip to the other side?

It’s not about money. A large part of my motivation to jailbreak was always the challenge; the internship will be a new sort of challenge.

Will the current jailbreaks and/or the site disappear?

No, I’ll hand them over to MuscleNerd or chpwn or whoever will take care of them.

Congratulations on your new position. Why an intern position though? It seems like you could carry a regular position at apple.

How has the core jailbreak dev teams responded to you going to work for apple?

I don’t know if I’d want to do that- I’ve never had a job before and I don’t know what it’s like- and I intend to go back to college soon.

Mostly with congratulations.

Have you met Steve Jobs?

I wish.

Can you give any insight on how apple views the Jailbreak communities mods?

I have no idea.

As a huge open book for them to steal take ideas from.

I certainly don’t mind. Jailbreak community puts an idea in front of people with a crappy implemenation; Apple polishes it to the point where it can be an OS feature. I don’t know whether Apple actually pays attention to jailbreak apps, but see App Store, copy and paste, multitasking, etc…

Firstly, congrats on the new internship, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you and I’m sure you’ll love working with Apple.

I have a few question for you if wouldn’t mind answering them. Firstly, why did you choose to get involved in specifically the iPhone jailbreaking scene, what was it attracted you to the iPhone? Secondly, did you always set out to be a hacker or was it just something that interested you and found you had a nack for? Finally, in regards to the PDF bug used for the jailbreak, where on earth did you get the brilliant idea for it?

1. I had one… and it was a device that (a) had a lot of functionality, (b) had a nice and flexible UNIX OS, (c) already had an active homebrew community, and (d) was really cool. :p

2. I never wanted to be a black hat hacker, but I did enjoy hacking (originally SQL injection and crap) as a natural extension of programming.

3. FreeType was one of the less studied open source components of iOS.

Are you optimistic about the future of the iOS platform? What features are you looking forward to next?

My personal opinion: it will probably continue to beat the pants off its competitors in performance for a while yet, and Apple’s „take your time but do it right” policy on features will probably continue to make it a pleasure to use. But I’m impatient: other platforms (WebOS) have a lot of fun stuff with no real equivalent in iOS.