Studentii din Afganistan contribuie la introducerea unor nume gresite pentru strazile orasului Kabul din iOS 6 Maps


  Desi Tim Cook a promis ca va rezolva problemele Apple Maps, iata ca deocamdata sistemul de harti al Apple nu functioneaza corect si inca sunt introduse greseli in denumirile strazilor. Folosind aplicatia Maps in Kabul, Yaroslav Trofimov, omul care conduce Wall Street Journal in Afganistan, a descoperit ca unele strazi din Apple Maps au denumirile Bad Monkey(maimuta rea), Mojo Way, Hillbilly Hameed, etc. Apple pare sa fi copiat hartile OpenStreetMap pentru Afganistan in iOS 6 Maps, hartile respective fiind facute cu ajutorul unor studenti afgani.

The issue is that Apple took an old snapshot of the OpenStreetMap data and hasn’t updated it since, so things like ‘personal’ street names are in there, even if they have been fixed since,” explained Kate Chapman, Indonesia-based director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, OSM’s humanitarian mapping initiative. “The fact that they don’t update the data shows that the incentive for people to improve the map just isn’t going to be there.

  Problema cu aceste harti este ca studentii respectivi au denumit strazile folosind numele utilizate cel mai des de catre oameni, sau denumiri fictive, deoarece denumirile oficiale erau disputate de catre autoritati si supuse schimbarilor. Copiind hartile vechi din OpenStreetMaps, Apple a importat si greselile in sistemul sau, inginerii sarind peste etapa de verificare a lor, altfel ar fi descoperit ca Hillbilly Hammed nu sunt a ceva real, chiar daca vorbim despre Afganistan.

What I think is interesting is that Apple didn’t choose to use OSM for other areas,” Chapman wrote in her email to me. “Today I write to you from Kupang, [Indonesia] and if you look on Apple Maps there is only a dot for the city name, but in OSM there is a quite detailed map.

  Probabil probleme similare exista si in alte tari, insa nici Google Maps nu este perfect.