Lost in Harmony – o aplicatie promovata de Apple, disponibila la oferta


Lost in Harmony a fost oferita drept aplicatia gratuita a saptamanii pentru iPhone, iPad si iPod Touch de catre compania Apple prin intermediul AppStore. In clipul video de mai jos puteti vedea cum arata gameplay-ul jocului, el oferindu-ne controlul asupra unui skateboarder care trece printr-o varietate de misiuni inedite ce ne vor tine conectati la terminale.

Conform creatorilor jocului Lost in Harmony, pentru a controla personajul principal va trebui sa pastram ritmul fiecarei melodii si sa atingem la timpul potrivit fiecare stea. Potrivirea fiecarei atingeri a ecranului cu ritmul melodiilor pe care le auziti este extrem de importanta pentru a va ajuta personajul sa evolueze in fiecare nivel.

“TAP stars in rhythm. AVOID obstacles to stay alive. The Musical Runner! Dive into this fantastic musical odyssey, a story created by 6 famous composers, including Wyclef Jean. Go beyond by creating and sharing your own dreams on any song with the included level editor.”

Jocul Lost in Harmony are un fundal sonor de exceptie cu melodii de la unii dintre cei mai cunoscuti artisti de pe planeta, deci veti avea parte de o auditie extrem de interesanta. Mai mult decat atat, putem transfera muzica proprie in joc, putem crea diverse niveluri singuri si putem face o multitudine de alte actiuni extrem de interesante.

  • DISCOVER the musical story from the content director of Valiant Hearts
  • Guide Kaito and Aya through their adventures, in total harmony with music
  • Travel trough 30+ painted environments
  • Experience music in a new way with the combination of rhythmic tapping and choreographic runner
  • Customize your character’s clothes, headphones, hat and skateboard
  • 3D TOUCH support
  • Choose any track from your device, import it from iTunes or stream it from SoundCloud
  • CREATE your own levels using the included level editor
  • Share your levels and compete with your friends for the best score
  • Join the worldwide Community and play an infinite choice of tracks from music lovers
  • Select your landscape among beautiful artworks
  • Play with your favorite character
  • Easily record and publish videos of your gaming session with Everyplay

Lost in Harmony este disponibil pentru descarcare gratuita, in format universal din AppStore, urmand acest link.