Video: Uber Racing 3D-Sandstorm, un nou racer foarte interesant pentru iDevices


Uber Racing 3D-Sandstorm este un nou racing game acceptat recent in AppStore al carui dezvoltatori il promoveaza ca fiind unul dintre cele mai realistice racere de pe piata. Din punct de vedere grafic jocul merita lauda, nu se apropie de Real Racing 2 insa nici chiar atat de departe nu e. In ceea ce priveste gameplay-ul as spune ca dezvoltatorii au reusit sa compuna o poveste destul de buna si misiuni interesante care va vor tine ocupati cateva ore bune.

Iata ce features are jocul :

  • HIGHLY DETAILED GRAPHICS without repeating textures (i. e. every rock is painted differently).
  • CAREER MODE with 31 race days, some of them featuring up to 10 events. Several hours of playtime.
  • 3D MENU, completely integrated.
  • 4 RACE MODES: Time Trial, Elimination, 1 Vs 1, Race.
  • THUMB TRACKING: Don’t care about hitting the gas pedal. It’s wherever your thumb is.
  • Select your favourite CAMERA: Third person, hood or bumper.


  • 3D SOUND with stereo output and positional audio. For a full and immersive sound experience make sure you are using headphones!
  • REALISTIC MOTOR SOUND, engine simulation, backfire


  • 3D CAR PHYSICS with suspension, damping, drifting, etc..
  • 12 CARS individually upgradable. Ranging from buggies to race cars and trucks.
  • DAMAGE MODEL based on real impact damage, flapping doors, loose hinges.

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Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm


Developer: Mad Processor GmbH
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Descriere: Enjoy the most spectacular racing game in the App Store!

Are you tired of playing racing games that confine you to a single track you are not supposed to leave Do you want to break free from unrealistic racing games Do you want the possibilities and grap…

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