Video: XWave – mind control over iPhone


XWave este un accesoriu foarte interesant pentru iDevices care citeste impulsurile electrice ale creierului si afiseaza informatii in iPhone despre modul in care functioneaza acesta. XWave este alcatuit dintr-un fel de casca ce are o extensie care trebuie plasata in dreptul fruntii pentru a permite citirea senalelor electrice din creierul nostru, informatii care sunt mai apoi afisate in aplicatie. XWave pare a fi o buna metoda de a va testa capacitatea de concentrare iar o mica demonstratie a modului in care functioneaza aveti in clipul video de mai sus.

In teorie totul pare interesant, insa e greu de crezut ca instrumentul este foarte precis si avand in vedere ca pretul accesorilui XWave este de 99$, s-ar putea sa ajungeti la concluzia ca banii respectivi au fost cheltuiti degeaba. Mai multe detalii gasiti pe site-ul oficial XWave.

The XWave allows you to harness the power of your mind in a new and revolutionary way. By safely detecting your brain’s rhythm through a small sensor contact gently placed on the skin of your forehead, XWave gives you a window into your mind. Grounded in medical research and patents, the XWave senses your attention and meditation levels. You will be able to control and float objects in video games by simply thinking about it, or train your mind to focus and relax on command. This same technology is used in Mattel’s MindFlex and Uncle Milton’s The Force Trainer. Purchase the XWave headset by clicking the Buy Now button and download the XWave free app from the Apple App store and unlock the power of your mind. XWave connects to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Visit our website often to find out more about our ever expanding XWave third party apps.