Acquire – fa poze, incarca-le direct in Photoshop


    Acquire este o aplicatie lansta zilele trecute in App Store care permite posesorilor de iDevice-uri sa incarce pozele facute cu propriul terminal direct in PhotoShop CS5 deschis pe un calculator. Aplicatia utilizeaza modului Remote Connect al companiei Adobe pentru a permite transferul de poze din terminal in Photoshop CS5 utilizand o retea Wi-Fi. Practic voi faceti poza pe terminalul vostru si nu trebuie sa o mai copiati in calculator ci prin intermediul retelei Wi-Fi o transferati direct in calculator si in programul PhotoShop CS5 pe care trebuie sa il aveti deschis.

      Iata principalele caracteristici ale aplicatiei :

  • SIMPLE: Acquire is designed to do one really useful thing, and do it well. It does.
  • POWERFUL: Acquire connects to Photoshop using WiFi, so you can quickly ingest images on your local network. And with a static IP or a VPN connection you can even shoot a photo to your designer’s screen from halfway around the world.
  • FLEXIBLE: Acquire supports multiple simultaneous connections, so you could have several devices shooting images to you at once!
  • SECURE: Communication between your device and Photoshop is encrypted, so your system remains secure.

    Acquire este disponibila pentru 1.59€ in App Store.

Pretul initial:
Acquire for Photoshop



Developer: Flying Car LTD.
Categoria: Photography

Descriere: Shoot images from your iOS camera straight into Adobe Photoshop CS5


Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 5.5 Mb