Prima Pagina Activator Activator 1.6.1 disponibil in Cydia

Activator 1.6.1 disponibil in Cydia


   Dupa update-ul din 2 ianuarie iata ca 2012 ne aduce acum un altul pentru cel mai utilizat plugin pentru tweak-urile si aplicatiile disponibile in Cydia. Versiunea 1.6.1 a Activator a fost lansata de catre Ryan Petrich si o parte dintre problemele tweak-urilor si aplicatiilor existente in Cydia au fost rezolvate insa alte lucruri noi au fost implementate.  Noua versiune a tweak-ului aduce posibilitatea de a utiliza cateva gesturi noi, aduce suport pentru castile pentru iDevice-uri, aduce bug fix-uri, imbunatatiri ale performantelor aplicatiei plus multe altele :

  • Add settings actions
  • Add two-finger slide in events
  • Fix slide in gesures becoming inactive after an orientation change on iOS5.0
  • Increase time required to generate a hold event
  • Smoother scrolling in action selection pane
  • Support wired headset events on iOS5.0
  • Dismiss notification center with home button if visible
  • Update localizations
  • Add missing phone actions back to iOS5.0
  • Vastly improved menu settings pages
  • Allow menus that link to other menus
  • Allow reordering menu items
  • Use lock screen camera interface instead of real camera app when locked on iOS5.0
  • Toggle camera button when toggling media controls on lock screen on iOS5.0
  • Fix status bar taking over app orientation when menus are made visible in landscape
  • Fix sending didChangeToEventMode: API on iOS5.0
  • Reduce memory use in some cases

  Activator este disponibil gratuit in Cydia si v-ar putea ajuta sa inlocuiti un buton Home defect.