Activator update disponibil in Cydia


  Anul nou ne aduce un update important pentru cel mai utilizat plugin pentru tweak-urile si aplicatiile disponibile in Cydia. Versiunea 1.6.0 a Activator a fost lansata de catre Ryan Petrich si multumita ei o buna parte dintre tweak-urile si aplicatiile din Cydia vor fi actualizate si vor fi compatibile cu iOS 5.0.1.  Noua versiune a tweak-ului aduce posibilitatea de a utiliza cateva gesturi noi, aduce o posibilitatea de a seta o “lista neagra”, aduce bug fix-uri, imbunatatiri ale performantelor aplicatiei plus multe altele :

  • New slide gestures
  • Add blacklist feature
  • Add “Virtual Assistant” action
  • Rotate menu actions and slide events with the screen orientation
  • Reduced in-app startup time and memory footprint
  • Add Recents and Voicemail Phone actions back on iOS 5.0
  • Support shutter button in fake lock screen camera app on iOS 5.0
  • Improved Settings performance
  • Abort volume repeat when short hold gesture succeeds
  • Only send activator:didChangeToEventMode: callback if event mode actually changed
  • Improve wording of safe mode warning message
  • Fix missing icons and startup image on retina devices on iOS 5.0
  • Use retina images for SBSettings toggles
  • Support silencing alarms via volume down button on iOS 5.0
  • Support MobileVolumeSound
  • Send volume press events to alerts

   Activator este disponibil gratuit in Cydia si v-ar putea ajuta sa inlocuiti un buton Home defect.