Video: B-squares iti incarca iDevice-ul folosind energie solara


B-squares este un nou proiect aparut pe cu ceva timp in urma care promite sa incarce dispozitivele noastre electronice folosind doar energie solara. B-squares este un sistem 3D electronic modular compus din mai multe patrate capabile sa capteze si sa stocheze energie solara si nu numai. Fiecare patrat este echipat cu magneti la capete, magneti care ajuta atat la conectarea patratelor intre ele cat si la transmiterea curentului electric de la un patrat la celalalt. Patratele au contacte electrice la fiecare capat si prin ele este transmis curentul electric indiferent cate patrate avem interconectate.

Partea interesanta este ca aceste patrate pot fi interconectate in orice mod si pot furniza curent electric pentru orice dispozitive electronice, inclusiv iDevice-uri. Sistemul este foarte interesant si ingenios si deja a adunat aproape 100.000$ in finantari pe

B-Squares is a 3D modular electronics system with an emphasis on (but not limited to) solar power and expandable energy storage.  Each Square has a magnetic contact on each of the corners which allows the Squares to easily snap together without wires.  The magnetic contacts are also used to transmit electric signals between the Squares.  This design allows users to quickly assemble Squares into arrays, with power flowing through the array via the corner contact, without wiring or soldering.  Also, due to the use of multiple magnetic contacts on each Square, the overall circuit of the array can quickly be changed simply by rotating one of the Squares – for instance, the color of the LED Square can change with a flip or a rotation.

What is “3D” about B-Squares?  The Squares aren’t restricted to being connected side-to-side in a single plane, but can also be stacked on top of or perpendicular one another.  Think of it like a deck of electric cards that you can use to make 2D or 3D card houses and have the electricity flow through the entire array.