Video: Americanii protesteaza impotriva companiei Apple din cauza politicii fiscale



Incepand cu data de 4 iunie sunt programate manifestatii de protest in fata magazinelor Apple de pe intreg teritoriul SUA. Motivul acestor manifestatii sta in faptul ca Apple doreste sa mascheze venitul facut in SUA sub forma unui venit facut intr-o tara straina unde taxele sunt foarte mici. Cei care sustin cauza spun ca Apple ar evita sa plateascaa nu mai putin de 4 miliarde de dolari prin aceste masuri, o suma enorma care reprezinta practic in jur de 60% din profitul companiei pe un sfert fiscal.

Va fi intersant de vazut cum vor fi organizate manifestatiile in timpul WWDC, cea mai importanta conferinta oraganizata de Apple in fiecare an.


US Uncut Picks a Fight with Apple, Maker of the iPhone
Grassroots anti-austerity movement targeting Apple over company’s role in tax holiday lobbying

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –US Uncut, the grassroots effort pressuring corporate tax cheats to pay their fair share, is staging actions across America on June 4 against Apple. The movement is demanding the corporation remove its support of the Win America Campaign (WAC), an effort aimed at repatriating $1 trillion in foreign accounts back to America at just a 5% tax rate.

“When this ‘Win America’ tax cheat coalition wins, we all lose as Americans,” said US Uncut San Francisco organizer Ana Corrie, “We are all disappointed to see a great company like Apple participate in such a deceitful campaign that violates their commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner.”

WHAT: Dance-in protests at Apple retail stores
WHEN: Saturday, June 4
WHERE: Storefronts of Tax Cheats in Cities across the Country (
WHO: Grassroots organizers who created self-organized events using

“I love my iPhone, but I hate tax cheats,” said US Uncut spokesperson Carl Gibson, “The only winners in the WAC effort are the same corporate executives who continue to steal $1 trillion out of our nation’s coffers every decade. We all pay our fair share of taxes, and Apple should too.”

Anger is rising as Americans are being forced to endure brutal budget cuts at both the federal and state-level. US Uncut instead calls for an end to corporate tax avoidance.

“It’s outrageous for a company that got $4 billion in tax credits last year to only pay 85% less than they should in taxes while the public services we all depend on get the axe,” said US Uncut San Francisco organizer Joanne Gifford. “Should we really be giving away tax loopholes to the folks who sell iPads at the same time we cut Grandma off Medicare? It’s shameful.”

“We already got duped once by this hoax of repatriating profits with the ‘American Jobs Creation Act of 2004’ under Bush,” said US Uncut spokesperson Ryan Clayton, “It did not create jobs and only opened the door for tax haven abusers to continue to cheat the system. As the saying goes: ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’”

US Uncut is a decentralized grassroots movement organized through social media that connects corporate tax cheating to public service cuts. The group has led over 300 actions nationwide since February 2011, bringing protests directly to corporate tax cheats’ front door.

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