SMS Grouping permite gruparea SMS-urilor noastre


SMS Grouping este un nou tweak pentru iDevices care permite gruparea SMS-urilor din iPhone-urile noastre. Tweak-ul ne permite sa grupa diversele SMS-uri primite sau trimise astfel incat sa le putem gasi foarte usor atunci cand folosim aplicatia Messages. La instalare tweak-ul face 3 grupuri in mod automat insa folosind optiunea de editarea a grupurilor noi le putem edita si putem face altele separate in care putem introduce restul SMS-urilor din aplicatia Messages. Singurul grup care nu poate fi sters este grupul All Messages deoarece acesta contine intreaga baza de date a aplicatiei Messages.

With this app you can classify your SMS to different groups and find it quickly in case of use it. For today we had more and more information saved with SMS. Such as your coupon, bill and so on. It is very difficult to find out what you want if you have a lot of SMS saved in your iphone. Hope it is useful for you.

First install, app will create 3 groups automaticlly. If you like you can edit them except “All SMS”. Since iphone’s SMS DB always changed in defferent of ios ,this app only tested on ios 4.2.1 . We will update app as soon as we finished testing on other version.

SMS Grouping este disponibil in Cydia gratuit in Cydia insa dezvoltatorul nu specifica versiunile de iOS cu care este compatibil tweak-ul.