Jony Ive vorbind despre Steve Jobs


    Jony Ive a fost unul dintre cei mai apropiati prieteni ai lui Steve Jobs, este omul care se ocupa de design-ul iDevice-urilor pe care le folosim astazi si este omul care aparent nu ia ordine decat de la CEO-ul Apple. In evenimentul de comemorare a lui Steve Jobs, Jony Ive a vorbit despre cel care a fost cel mai loial prieten al sau, despre omul caruia i-a pasat cel mai mult de soarta companiei Apple, despre omul care a investit atat de mult in compania din Cupertino. Discursul lui Jony Ive este disponibil in cadrul clipului video publicat de catre Apple pe site-ul sau si incepe de la minul 48 iar eu va recomand sa il vizionati.

    Mai jos aveti un extras al discursului tinut de catre Ive.

Now while hopefully the work appeared inevitable. Appeared simple, and easy, it really cost. It cost us all, didn’t it?

… He constantly questioned, ‘Is this good enough? Is this right?’

And despite all his successes, all his achievements, he never presumed, he never assumed, that we would get there in the end. And when the ideas didn’t come, and when the prototypes failed, it was with great intent, with faith, he decided to believe we would eventually make something great. But the joy of getting there. I loved his enthusiasm. His simple delight. Often, I think, mixed with some simple relief. Yeah, we got there, we got there in the end and it was good. You can see his smile can’t you? The celebration of making something great for everybody.

Enjoying the defeat of cynicism. The rejection of reason. The rejection of being told 100 times, ‘You can’t do that.’ So his I think, was a victory for beauty, for purity. And as he would say, ‘For giving a damn.’ He was my closest and my most loyal friend. We worked together for nearly 15 years — and he still laughed at the way I said ‘aluminium.’ For the past 2 weeks, I think we’ve all been struggling to find ways to say goodbye. This morning, I simply want to end by saying ‘thank you Steve.’ Thank you for your remarkable vision which has united and inspired this remarkable group of people. Tor all that we have learned from you and for all that we will continue to learn from each other, ‘thank you Steve.’ But you know what? It cost him most. He cared the most. He worried the most deeply.