Video: Test de rezistenta pentru Corning Gorilla Glass 2 la CES 2012



   Apple se lauda ca foloseste in iDevice-urile sale tehnologia celor de la Corning pentru a construi ecranele terminalelor pe care noi le utilizam zilnic. Chiar si asa un iDevice se crapa destul de usor atunci cand este scapat pe o suprafata dura insa iPad 3 si iPhone 5 ar putea fi mult mai rezistente multumita tehnologiei din Gorilla Glass 2. Cei de la Corning se lauda ca au reusit sa aduca un produs cu 20% mai subtire decat cel anterior insa la fel de rezistent si diferenta de 0.2 mm in grosime va conta foarte mult pentru orice producator de smartphone-uri si tablete.

  In clipul video de mai sus avem un test de rezistenta facut de cei de la Engadget la CES 2012 pentru Gorilla Glass 2 si observat ca noul model produs de Corning rezista fara probleme in conditiile de testare. Nu se stie deocamdata ce producator vor utiliza noua tehnologie insa sper ca Apple sa o faca.

   Lasand la o parte a doua versiune a Gorilla Glass, mai jos aveti un extras din biografia autorizata a lui Steve Jobs in care este descris un eveniment in care Steve Jobs l-a convins pe CEO-ul Corning sa inceapa productia primelor panouri facute folosind tehnologia Gorilla Glass.

..a really great CEO in this country, Wendell Weeks, who runs Corning Glass. Steve Jobs when he does the iPhone decides he doesn’t want plastic, he wants really tough glass on it, and they don’t make a glass that can be tough like they want. And finally somebody says to him, because they were making all of the glass in China for the fronts of the stores, says, “You ought to check with the people at Corning. They’re kind of smart there.” So, he flies to Corning, New York, sits there in front of the CEO, Wendell Weeks, and says, “This is what I want, a glass that can do this.” So, Wendell Weeks says, “We once created a type of process that created something called Gorilla Glass.” And Steve said, “No, no, no. Here’s how you make really strong glass.” And Wendell says, “Wait a minute, I know how to make glass. Shut up and listen to me.” And Steve, to his credit, shuts up and listens, and Wendell Weeks describes a process that makes Gorilla Glass. And Steve then says, “Fine. In six months I want enough of it to make–whatever it is–a million iPhones.” And Wendell says, “I’m sorry, we’ve actually never made it. We don’t have a factory to make it. This was a process we developed, but we never had a manufacturing plant to do it.” And Steve looks at him and says what he said to Woz, 20, 30 years earlier: “Don’t be afraid, you can do it.” Wendell Weeks tells me… Because I flew to Corning, because I just wanted to hear this story. Wendell Weeks tells me, “I just sat there and looked at the guy. He kept saying, ‘Don’t be afraid. You can do this.’”

WI: Wendell Weeks said he called his plant in Kentucky that was making glass for LCD screens, and said, “Start the process now, and make Gorilla Glass.” That’s why every iPhone in your pocket and iPad has Gorilla Glass made by Corning. This is the reality distortion field that is, I submit, part and parcel of a guy who doesn’t believe the rules apply to him, even the rule about never cut in line.

AL: And of course Corning uses this in their marketing now, they market Gorilla Glass for other customers.