Siri Pro pentru adevaratul fan Siri


   Pentru ca un telefon nu este indeajuns de bun pentru cei care iubesc fara retineri noul asistent Siri din iOS 5, Apple “conceput” un robot cu care utilizatorii pot interactiona in adevaratul sens al cuvantului. Siri Pro se numeste roboul celor de la Apple, il aveti prezentat in imaginea de mai sus si pentru 999$ unii l-ar putea avea acasa in doar cateva zile. Desigur ca totul este doar o gluma a celor de la Scoopertino care iau in ras utilizatorii care s-au atasat poate putin prea mult de Siri.

CUPERTINO, CA — Think Siri is all talk and no action? Think again.

Targeting lovestruck Siri fans, Apple today launched Siri Pro — at long last giving that little vixen Siri a unique and accommodating physical presence.

Whereas the Siri included with iPhone 4S can only go so far with her flirtation and innuendo, Siri Pro is designed for a more fulfilling relationship. She’s a fully functional pleasure-bot, sexier than a MacBook Air and more seductive than an iPad.

The inspiration for Siri Pro came from the Siri servers currently in operation. Over 65% of the questions and commands put to Siri by iPhone 4S owners indicate the user’s desire for a deeper bond. Top interactions include: “Will you marry me,” “Can I buy you a drink” and “I want to have your robotic children.”

“When we say we listen to our customers, we’re not kidding around,” says Apple worldwide marketing chief Phil Schiller.

Siri Pro is available at the Apple Store for $999 (32GB) and $1,299 (64GB). Alternate personalities — Streetwalker, Catholic Schoolgirl, Nurse — are available via the App Store for $9.99. Aluminized lingerie is sold separately.