Apple TV – iata primele review-uri(Video)



  In cursul serii trecute au aparut primele review-uri de specialitate pentru tableta iPad dar si primele review-uri pentru noul Apple TV al companiei Apple. Produsul vine cu un procesor mai bun care este capabil sa ruleze filme in format 1080p fara probleme si aduce o interfata noua pentru utilizatori insa schimbarile se opresc aici din pacate. Din punct de vedere al design-ului absolut nimic nu s-a schimbat, de fapt in afara procesorului totul a ramas exact la fel si marea problema este ca intreg continutul accesibil prin Apple TV este disponibil doar in anumite tari.

  Daca nu ati cumparat un Apple TV inca atunci poate ar fi cazul sa o facetia vand in vedere ca el costa doar 100$/€ si va permite sa transpuneti ecranul unui iDevice direct pe cel al unui televizor. Daca aveti un Apple TV 2010 atunci nu prea exista motive sa cumparati noul Apple TV decat daca doriti sa rulati filme in format 1080p fara probleme si fara jailbreak.

The Verge

This year’s Apple TV is a strange little device. Nearly everything it did before, it now does better — it streams 1080p content, is easier than ever to navigate, and remains one of the simplest devices to set up and use that we’ve seen. But when I reviewed the 2010 Apple TV, my biggest concerns were all about the content: the available content on a device like the Boxee Box or the Roku positively dwarfed the Apple TV. That’s still true, though the iTunes integration with Netflix is a solid sign that Apple’s thinking the right way.


At $99, the third-generation Apple TV continues to be as excellent a value as the previous model—and now it supports higher-quality video too. That’s a good thing. For those with the previous generation, however, the decision to upgrade comes down to whether the difference in quality between two high-definition formats is important (and noticeable) enough.


There’s no reason why every person with an iOS device (and soon a Mac) shouldn’t get an Apple TV. And that’s a problem for the makers of Blu-ray players. Again, just slightly better quality will no longer be enough. Apple’s latest Apple TV is going to continue the trend they began with the MacBook Air —the killing off of optical discs.

The Loop

The Apple TV is the epitome of convenience. With iCloud, I have access to all of my iTunes Match music and videos, so I don’t need to connect to a computer anymore. I can purchase movies, TV shows and I can watch content from Netflix. That’s perfect.