Apple cere interzicerea comercializarii Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in SUA

  Pentru ca a avut succes in a isi impune vointa impotriva celor de la HTC, Apple a cerut acum unei instante sa interzica vanzarile tabletei Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in SUA. Cererea celor de la Apple vine la doar 4 zile dupa ce o alta instanta a decis ca un brevet de inventie pentru iPad este valid, deci Apple incearca acum sa il impuna impotriva celor de la Samsung. Apple a cerut unei instante americane sa hotarasca fara sa ii audieze pe avocatii proprii sau pe cei ai Samsung si exista sansei mari ca aceasta cerere sa fie acceptata.

At 8 PM local California time on Friday, Apple filed a motion for a U.S. preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. The motion is based on a ruling by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), which came down four days earlier and sided with Apple on the question of whether an iPad-related design patent (U.S. Patent No. D504,889) is likely valid. It also comes only three calendar days before the two companies’ CEOs and chief lawyers will hold court-moderated settlement talks in San Francisco. Apple’s motion is fairly likely to succeed. If and when it does, there will be formal U.S. bans in place against all three of the leading Android device makers.

  Daca Apple obtine interdictia, atunci ea ar putea fi utilizata nu doar impotriva celor de la Samsung, ci si impotriva altor producatori de tablete. Anul trecut Apple a reusit sa obtina o interdictie de vanzare a Samsung Galazy Tab 10.1 in Germania, iar acum se pare ca acelasi lucru s-ar putea intamplat chiar si in SUA.