Apple incepe sa isi pregateasca magazinele pentru WWDC 2012 si lansarea unor produse noi


  Lunea viitoare va incepe WWDC 2012 si Apple se pregateste sa prezinte OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6 si probabil cateva versiuni noi ale actualelor Mac-uri. Desi nu se stie nimic sigur, se pare ca magazinele companiei americane ar fi inceput deja pregatirile pentru eveniment si unii angajati ar fi fost anuntati ca pe data de 5 iunie vor ramane dupa program. Aceasta activitate ar putea avea legatura cu pornirea unui program educational, ori cu lansarea unor produse noi deoarece unii ingieri ai companiei ar fi vizitat magazinele cu hardware care le-ar permite sa incarce date direct din serverele Apple.

According to Macworld, Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore has spoken to an Apple store employee in Texas, who told him that the back-of-house workers and other specialists have been asked to work late into the night of June 5, just one week before the beginning of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. So what’s going on? Apple Insider have suggested that could be in line with Apple’s annual promotions for schools, which began at around the same time last year. There are also reports of engineers visiting Apple Stores with a mysterious ‘black box’, leading some to speculate that data is being transferred to the store servers, again suggesting Apple are due to release a new service.

  In zilele urmatoare vom afla sigur ce pregateste compania Apple in magazinele sale si pe data de 11 iunie vom afla tot ceea ce vom avea disponibil in vara si cel mai probabil in toamna,