Avengers Initiative – jocul saptamanii recomandat de catre Apple


  Avengers Initiative este un joc lansat in cursul acestei saptamani in App Store, iar inginerii companiei Apple vi-l recomanda ca o achizitie ce merita facuta in detrimentul altor titluri asemanatoare. Desi filmul The Avengers ii aducea in prim-plan pe toti eroii celebrei echipe, in jocul din App Store veti avea controlul doar asupra lui Hulk, o creatura pe care o cunoasteti prea bine si care trebuie sa salveze lumea de la distrugere. Din screenshot-uri jocul nu pare a fi chiar atat de grozav, insa presupun ca recupereaza la capitolul gameplay, altfel Apple nu l-ar fi recomandat.

Download the first installment of Marvel’s biggest cross‐over mobile gaming event… Level up, gear up, and fight as Hulk in the first adventure of an episodic series built exclusively for touch screen devices. Track down and defeat some of the world’s most notorious villains like Wendigo, Abomination, The Kronan, and The Skrulls, and help THE AVENGERS pull the world back from the brink of catastrophe. Marvel’s Avengers Initiative, an episodic mobile gaming event unlike any other.

Experience raw, SUPER‐POWERED COMBAT with blazingly responsive swipe, attack, and combo controls in a complete gesture based action game.

Stunning HD visuals with huge boss-sized enemies and amazing special effects.

FULLY CUSTOMIZE Hulk to play the way you want to play. Acquire exclusive costumes, unlock incredible super‐powered abilities, discover explosive augmentations, and upgrade all of Hulk’s combat stats.

Marvel’s CROSS‐OVER MOBILE GAMING EVENT continues with updates, scheduled events, and anticipated character reveals, setting a new standard for mobile gaming.

Now featured in Avengers Initiative and newly optimized for touch screen devices, Marvel XP is a FREE LIVE SERVICE that TRACKS YOUR PROGRESS, REWARDS YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, and helps you experience Marvel on a whole new level across multiple games, including Avengers Alliance on Facebook. REGISTER NOW and unlock achievement badges, character dossiers, and other bonus content exclusive to the Marvel XP community.

  Avengers Initiative este disponibil sub forma unei aplicatii universale ce poate fi instalata pe orice iDevice-uri.

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Avengers Initiative



Developer: Marvel Entertainment
Categoria: Games

Descriere: “The Best Touch-Screen Brawler released this year” – IGN
“One of the Best Fighting Adventure Games on the App Store” – Mojodo
“4 out of 4 – Must Have” – Slide To Play

Download the first installment of Marvel’s biggest crossover mobile gaming event… Lev…

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