iPhone 5 ajunge la Jimmy Fallon multumita celor de la The Verge(Video)


  iPhone 5 urmeaza sa fie oficial lansat in SUA astazi, insa aseara terminalul a ajuns in studiul celebrului realizator de emisiuni TV Jimmy Fallon, multumita lui Joshua Topolsky de la The Verge. In emisiune cei doi au discutat despre tehnologiile implementate de catre Apple in iPhone 5, despre tastatura laser pe care Fox News a prezentat-o si probabil dupa aceasta emisiune mai multi oameni vor fi convinsi sa achizitioneze dispozitivul. Cei de la The Verge au aici un review complet al iPhone 5.

You may think you’ve seen this device before, but trust me: until you’ve held the new iPhone, you really haven’t seen it at all. While the basic design of the phone mimics the look of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the actual components, materials, sizing, and weight make it seem like another device entirely… When running graphically-intensive games, there are clearly some improvements in frame rates, as well as a noticeable lack of stutter on the iPhone 5. General multitasking and app performance was superb. In particular, the new Maps 3D Flyover view pushed the phone hard, and the differences between the older and newer models was clear. Basically — there’s not much to complain about when it comes to speed on the new phone. It’s really, really fast.