Specialistii in fotografie lauda camera terminalului iPhone 5


  iPhone 5 vine cu o camera “noua” in teorie, insa in realitate senzorul de imagine este ceva mai bun, Apple a mai schimbat cate ceva pe la ea, i-a imbunatatit caracteristicile prin software si specialistii in fotografie lauda modficarile acestea. Cei de la dpreview au analizat in detaliu camera noului terminal si ei spun ca ea este cu mult mai buna decat cea disponibila in iPhone 4S, spun ca ea nu este cea mai buna dintr-un smartphone, insa asta nu conteaza pentru Apple. Camerele terminalelor iPhone se claseaza de cativa ani de zile in topul Flickr si iPhone 5 nu va fi o exceptie de la regula.

The iPhone 5 is a fine mobile device, with an excellent camera. In qualititative terms it’s not the best camera out there, and nor is it the best camera on a smartphone (the Nokia 808 has that honor, for now) but it offers satisfying image quality, some neat functions like auto panorama and HDR mode, and – crucially – it is supremely easy to use. It isn’t much better than the iPhone 4S, as far as its photographic performance is concerned, but it isn’t any worse (notwithstanding a somewhat more noticeable propensity towards lens flare). When manufacturers employ pixel-binning to achieve higher ISO settings we don’t normally celebrate the fact, but in the case of the iPhone 5, it gives you greater flexibility in poor light (i.e., you might actually get a picture now, where you just wouldn’t with the iPhone 4S) and the drop in quality is unnoticeable when the images are used for sharing/web display.