Apple anunta lansarea iTunes 11, ii dedica o pagina speciala


  La evenimentul de prezentare a iPhone 5, Apple a prezentat si iTunes 11, un program care urma sa fie lansat luna aceasta si despre care se stia doar ce a prezentat Apple. Multa lume s-a intrebat cand va fi publicat programul, acum compania Apple i-a facut o pagina speciala pe website-ul sau, isi anunta clientii in legatura cu disponibilitatea programului, dar le reaminteste si o parte dintre functiile sale speciale. In aceasta pagina gasiti toate informatiile, probabil diseara vom putea descarca si iTunes 11, insa nu cred ca vom vedea publicata si o noua versiune a iOS.

  Diseara vom afla mai multe despre program, insa nu trebuie sa va asteptati la implementarea unor functii diferite de cele anuntate deja.

The arrival of a new version of iTunes presents a good opportunity to spruce up your library for its new surroundings. In particular, you might want to use the Get Album Artwork command in the Advanced menu to bring your album art collection up to date if you haven’t done so for awhile. The new highly visual approach to browsing through both your library and the iTunes Store leverages the memorability of images while presenting your choices quickly and fluidly. And if the notion of moving to someplace new automatically triggers your instinct to toss what you clearly don’t want any more, you might also want to use the Display Duplicates command in the File menu to locate extra copies in your library so you can delete them. You can also get rid of files you no longer want simply by selecting them in your library and pressing the delete key.