Google a achizitionat Motorola in principal pentru brevete conform unui manager al Google


  Google a achizitionat Motorola anul acesta pentru cateva miliarde de dolari si multa lume a spus ca intreaga achizitie a avut la baza portofoliul de brevete al companiei Motorola. Desi cei de la Google au negat acest lucru, unul dintre managerii companiei a confirmat intr-un interviu pentru New York Times ca acest lucru este adevarat. Adevarul este ca Google a continuat sa fabrice terminalele din seria Nexus cu alti producatori si nu cu Motorola, iar motivul din spatele acestei decizii este clar.

The way I understand it is, it’s mostly about the patents, the way you can sort of disarm this huge attack against Android. We talked about prices. There are players in the industry who were unhappy about more competitive pricing for the consumers. They want to keep the prices high, they want to force the price to be so high that operators have to subsidize the devices very highly. That’s not only the Cupertino guys but also for the guys up in Seattle. They want higher margins, they want to charge more for software.

  Practic Google a dorit sa aiba un scut un fata atacului pornit de Apple si Microsoft impotriva Android-ului, iar investirea catorva miliarde de dolari in Motorola pare sa fi fost in final decizia corecta. Pentru Google banii cheltuiti pe Motorola nu inseamna foarte mult, insa ceea ce le ofera brevetele de inventie ale Motorola este extrem de important, deoarece prin intermediul lor Apple, Microsoft si alte companii pot fi atacate si contraatacate in instantele din intreaga lume.

We simply believe there’s a better way of doing it without extracting that much payment from end users, because there are other ways to drive revenues. Patents were used as a weapon to try to stop that evolution and scare people away from lower-cost alternatives. And I think with the Motorola acquisition we’ve shown we’re able to put skin in the game and push back.