Find My iPhone ajuta politistii din Los Angeles sa descopere 4 hoti si multe bunuri furate


  Zilele trecute v-am spus ca serviciul Find My iPhone a fost utilizat pentru salvarea unui tanar implicat intr-un accident, iar acum politistii din Los Angeles l-au folosit pentru a descoperi 4 hoti si mai multe bunuri furate. Printre acele bunuri se afla iPhone-ul unei victime care avea Find My iPhone activ, iar cu ajutorul unui elicopter si a, politia a fost directionata catre locul in care era parcata masina hotilor, masina care avea in ea bunuri furate in timpul unor talharii care au avut loc sambata si duminica.

An iPhone owner used the phone’s tracking device to lead police to armed robbery suspects early Monday morning, officials said. At least four robbery suspects were arrested for stealing wallets, cellphones and other items during at least four robberies Sunday night and Monday morning near Hollywood. One of the victims, whose cellphone was stolen, worked with the Los Angeles Police Department to use the “Find My iPhone” application in order to locate the missing device. The four suspects were arrested after the application and a police helicopter led officers to them in a parked car with the stolen items at Santa Monica Boulevard and Virgil Avenue.

  Serviciul Find My iPhone este extrem de util pentru toti cei care il activeaza si observati ca prin intermediul sau puteti sa va ajutat, dar sa ajutati si politia. Daca nu utilizati serviciul Find My iPhone, ar fi recomandabil sa o faceti deoarece nu se stie cand veti avea nevoie de el.