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Siri poate fi utilizat pentru a controla toate becurile Phillips HUE din casa ta (Video)



  Phillips HUE este un produs dezvoltat de catre compania cu acelasi nume si vorbim practic despre becuri care pot fi controlate de un iDevice, iar aici includem posibilitatea de a controla culoarea luminii emisa de acestea. Cei de la Phillips au pus la dispozitia dezvoltatorilor inclusiv un SDK prin care pot fi dezvoltate noi functii pentru contolarea becurilor, iar in clipul video de mai sus aveti demonstrat modul in care Siri poate controla aceste becuri. Practic Siri poate controla doar nivelul de lumina emisa de becuri si le poate inchide/deschide, dar probabil in curand va putea controla inclusiv culoarea.

The Philips Hue hardware was first intriguing to me because they explicitly mention that it’s a ZigBee certified product on the packaging and labels. ZigBee is a wireless technology that is different from WiFi in a few important ways: Low power, equivalent range and intended for light data mesh networks. It’s popular with DIY hardware makers (think Arduinos) for this reason, as well as that it’s much cheaper than WiFi modules. It seems like it may be the wireless standards of choice for consumer home automation systems that are coming to market. As an example, the Nest thermostat was also found to have ZigBee hardware inside, although it isn’t supported in software yet. Because of all this I wanted to see exactly what hardware Philips was using, and if it would be possible to replicate the Hue system.

  Pentru acest experiment a fost utilizat un Siri Proxy deoarece asistentul nu poate interpreta comenzile in baza carora Phillips HUE sunt controlate, si e putin probabil ca Apple sa implementeze suport pentru ele.