Prima Pagina Apple Tim Cook isi felicita angajatii pentru rezultatele din Q1 2013

Tim Cook isi felicita angajatii pentru rezultatele din Q1 2013

  Q1 2013 a fost cel mai bun trimestru fiscal in istoria companiei Apple, iar Tim Cook a trimis astazi un mesaj intern prin care le multumeste angajatilor pentru contributia adusa la realizarea unui nou record. Apple a vandut peste 75 de milioane de iDevice-uri in acest trimestru fiscal, iar Tim Cook le va vorbi angajatilor despre toate aceste realizari in auditoriul construit in cadrul campusul Apple din Cupertino. Desi Steve Jobs nu avea obiceiul de a organiza asemenea intalniri, Tim Cook le-a instituit la scurt timp dupa preluarea conducerii Apple si aceasta a fost una dintre deciziile sale bune.

Team, We’ve just reported another record setting quarter, thanks to everyone’s incredible hard work and focus. We sold over 75 million iOS devices in the holiday quarter alone, which is a testament to the strength of Apple’s innovation. Please join me for an employee communications meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific time in the auditorium of De Anza 3. We’ve created a space on AppleWeb where you can submit your questions in advance, and we’ll do our best to answer as many of them as we can during the meeting. The meeting will be broadcast live throughout Cupertino and at many other Apple locations. Please check AppleWeb for details. Tim