Prima Pagina Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface Pro – iata primele review-uri (Video)

Microsoft Surface Pro – iata primele review-uri (Video)



  Cu doar cateva zile inaintea lansarii oficiale a tabletei Microsoft Surface Pro, marile bloguri IT din SUA au publicat cateva review-uri interesante pentru produsul celor de la Microsoft. Tableta ruleaza Windows 8, are hardware de lapop, are ecran tactil, stylus, o autonomie identica, cu cea a unul laptop si este construita folosind materiale durabile. Opiniile reviewerilor au fost impartite, o parte laudand tableta pentru ceea ce este, cealalta parte afirmand ca din pacate hybridul nu satisface, complet nevoile posesorilor de tablete asu de ultrabook-uri.

The Verge

There’s something really weird about running Windows on a tablet, though. I never think about getting a virus on my iPad, or making sure to comply with constant system updates.

The Surface Pro comes with a Wacom-made pressure-sensitive and capacitive stylus that attaches to the device and is a “useful companion to the device.

It’s too big, too fat, and too reliant on its power cable to be a competitive tablet, and it’s too immutable to do everything a laptop needs to do.


In battery tests, it lasted under four hours – less than half the stamina of the iPad and three hours less than Surface RT. 

Of the 64 GB of solid-state storage on the entry-level $899 model, only 30 GB of that is free for the user, according to Microsoft. On the $999 model, 90 GB of the 128 GB total is available for the user.

As with the original Surface, the Pro is solidly built, with the same innovative metal kickstand that keeps it upright on a desk or table.”


Its Ivy Bridge i5 processor, the same you’ll find in most ultrabooks, launches apps almost instantly (another big upgrade from Surface RT).

Its screen is too good. Which is to say, its 1080p resolution is so dense on the 10.6-inch screen that desktop programs seem too small, too cramped.


As a laptop it is excellent. I was able to do nearly everything I needed to do including the editing of large documents, photo management, blogging, some minor gaming, and plenty of email and web browsing.

The physical $129 Type Cover and the capacitive $119 Touch Cover are “essential to the Surface Pro experience.

There are obviously trade-offs, but the simplicity of form, the excellent design, and the promising OS make the Surface Pro a real treat – and threat to other manufacturers.


That keyboard slowed us down and its trackpad continued to frustrate.

Photos [from two 720p cameras] are incredibly full of noise and the sensor seems to be completely unable to manage contrast, resulting in images that are either totally washed out or far too dark.

If you’re the type who likes to quickly pop on your tablet to check for new email or Facebook messages every few minutes, you may find yourself forced out of that habit here.

Ars Technica

Surface RT was a bit of an oddball device. Metro has all the trappings of a tablet operating system, and the Surface RT has the size, weight, and battery life to be a respectable tablet.

I thought that Surface Pro might make things clearer. It doesn’t.

From the tablet perspective, Surface Pro is not acceptable. It gets too hot for a hand-held device, its battery life is woefully inadequate, and it’s too thick and heavy to be comfortable to hand hold for long sessions.