Enkelt – o tema cu stil pentru iDevice-ul tau


  Daca va place sa va personalizati iDevice-urile cu teme disponibile in Cydia, atunci am astazi pentru voi o noua tema numita Enkelt, iar cu ajutorul ei puteti modifica substantial aspectul terminalelor voastre. Tema este conceputa pentru a functiona doar pe iOS 6 si iDevice-urile cu Retina Display, iar dezvoltatorul saua  gandit-o avand in plan sa aduca putin stil in iOS. Tema modifica usor LockScreen-ul si Notifications Center-ul, insa modificarile substatiale se observa in interiorul aplicatiilor native ale iDevice-urilor sau chiar in Siri.

Enkelt for iOS is a subtle and neat theme (Enkelt means “Simple” in Swedish) designed to push iOS to a new level. You won’t even notice the change from stock to Enkelt because it is made to complete the great work of Apple with iOS, not to make a radical rupture with your habits. On the other side, once you will use Enkelt, go back to stock will be a huge change for you. Enkelt brings uniformity over 150 icons (from the Cydia Store, the App Store, and all those of the system) in your Springboard, and with the auto-app mask, all your icons will be in the same style. It also brings a whole new “blue” UI, which is much brighter and joyful than stock UI. Enkelt also modifies the Folders, the Notification Center, Siri, the Dock, the App Switcher, the Lockscreen, the Messages UI, the iPod UI, and so much more ! There are so many details in Enkelt that you will not see them all.

  Enkelt are peste 150 de iconite special facute pentru aplicatii, iar mai jos aveti o lista foarte lunga a modiricarilor care au fost implementate in iOS pentru ca totul sa arate cat se poate de frumos. Tema este disponibila in repo-ul ZodTTD & MacCiti al Cydia.

Enkelt contains :

  • Lockscreen
  • NC, Siri and App Switcher background and UI
  • 130+ custom icons (from the Cydia Store and the App Store)
  • Messages app UI
  • iPod app UI
  • System UI
  • Every part of the Springboard
  • 9 wallpapers
  • A small theme if you want to disable the blue tinted Status Bar
  • Fully compatible with Auxo (install the Auxo add-on for Enkelt in Cydia)
  • A Zeppelin logo
  • A PSD if you want to make icons with the style of Enkelt