Prima Pagina BigBoss Wallpaper Cyclr ruleaza aleator wallpaper-uri pe ecranul iDevice-ului tau

Wallpaper Cyclr ruleaza aleator wallpaper-uri pe ecranul iDevice-ului tau


  Wallpaper Cyclr este un tweak lansat in cursul noptii trecute in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem anima putin HomeScreen-urile iDevice-urilor noastre. Tweak-ul implementeaza un slideshow de imagini disponibile pe celebrul website Tumblr, imaginile fiind alese in baza unor cuvinte cheie pe care voi trebuie sa le introduceti in meniul de setari disponibil in aplicatia Settings. Tweak-ul preia imaginile cu ajutorul unei conexiuni de internet, deci trebuie sa aveti una activa in mod constant pentru a vedea schimbari.

Wallpaper Cyclr will get a random image from Tumblr using tags you set and then use it as your wallpaper (homescreen and lockscreen), with the option to “cycle” it out for a new image at set intervals (or manually change it if needed/wanted). The ability to set a number of tags to use, and then Wallpaper Cyclr will get random tags up to that number to use for the search, so you will end up with different combinations of image results. (A bit of variety never hurt anyone right?).

  Dezvoltatorul tweak-ului ne da posibilitatea de a seta un interval de 1 pana la 12 ore pentru schimbarea fiecarui wallpaper, terminalul calculand aceste intervale in functie de modul in care ne blocam/deblocam dispozitivele. In unele situatii nu veti vedea schimbari decat dupa o blocare/deblocare a terminalului, sistemul fiind gandit pentru a economisi energie. Wallpaper Cyclr este disponibil la pretul de 1$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.

Now, you may notice that an hour has passed, but your wallpaper hasn’t changed. The reason for this is that Wallpaper Cyclr assumes that the most common action you do is unlock the device, so, to be battery/cpu efficient, it only checks to see if an hour has passed when the device is unlocked — meaning, to see a change if you haven’t already, lock and then unlock the device. I will look for better ways to do this, but for now, this seems very logical of a way to do this.