Apple isi apara asistentul Siri intr-un proces intentat de catre o companie chineza (Video)



  Acum cateva luni de zile va spuneam ca Apple a fost actionata in judecata de catre companie din China, care a dezvoltat un asistent personal numit Xiao i Robot, acesta continand tehnologii pe care Apple le-ar fi implementat fara drept in asistentul personal Siri. Tehnologia are legatura cu vocea asistentului si a fost dezvoltata de catre compania Zhizhen Network Technology Co., care a primit un brevet de inregistrare pentru ea in anul 2006. Apple a lansat Siri in 2010 si se pare ca a implementat aceeasi tehnologie fara a cere acordul chinezilor, acum fiind nevoita sa se apere intr-un proces care a inceput ieri in Shanghai.

A new patent infringement case against Apple officially began yesterday in Shanghai, China. A company by the name of Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co., is a developer of a voice technology called Xiao i Robot. The company alleges that Apple’s Siri software found on the iPhone and iPad infringes on its patent. Zhizhen says it filed for a patent with the State Intellectual Property Office in 2004, and received approval in 2006. The company wants Apple to stop using the Siri technology. Apple is arguing that Zhizhen’s patent claims are not clear and can’t identify where Siri is infringing on this patent. Moreover, SIRI and Zhizhen companies have adopted different technical routes which do not constitute infringement.

  Cei de la Apple sustin ca Zhizhen Network Technology Co. nu a identificat in mod corect tehnologiile pe care Siri le-ar incalca, asa ca nu poate sti care brevete de inventie ar fi incalcate, insa probabil avocatii companiei vor clarifica totul in instanta. Apple a fost actionata in instantele din lumea intreaga de catre multe companii care sustin ca le-au fost incalcate brevetele de inventie si pana acum a platit cateva zeci de milioane de dolari pentru marca iPad si aproape jumatate de miliard de dolari pentru implementarea tehnologiei VPN.