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Audio-3D Player 7.1 promite sa aduca virtual surround sound 7.1 pe terminale iPhone

  Nimic nu este mai rgozav decat posibilitatea de a asculta muzica sau filme printr-un sistem audio surround sound 5.1 sau 7.1, iar Audio-3D Player 7.1 pentru iDevice-uri sustine ca poate oferi ceva similar pentru noi. Aplicatia promite sa reproduca 3D virtual surround sound 7.1 direct pe terminalele noastre, iar un algoritm special este utilizat pentru acest lucru. Inainte sa va imaginati ca iDevice-urile cu un singur difuzor vor fi capabile de acest lucru va spun ca aplicatia poate face tot ceea ce spune numai daca utilizati una dintre perechile de casti mentionate de catre dezvoltator.

This emulator allow you to listen to your music as if you were in a room listening to a home-cinema.  With the 3 modes available (normal, dynamic and spectacle), you can choose the best to fit with your style. And if it is not boomy enough for you, a bass boost option is here for you. This emulator allow you to reproduce the sound of an HiFi system. You are at the heart of the audio scene and you take control of the sound directivity : Move away or move closer, and spin the sound all around you with accurate precision. This emulator has also has a custom made equalization system adapted to your headphones witch optimize perfectly the sound quality. Get a HQ HiFi sound on your iDevice!

  Doar prin intermediul acestora poate fi redat sunetul in formatul promis de catre dezvoltator, iar in cazul rularii sunetelor prin difuzorul iDevice-urilor probabil nu veti realiza ca exista vreo diferenta. Daca aveti un set de casti compatibil, atunci Audio-3D Player 7.1 merita incercata, mai ales ca este disponibila gratuit.

Pretul initial:
Audio-3D Player 7.1



Developer: Jean-Luc Haurais
Categoria: Music

Descriere: Audio-3D Player is FREE TODAY thanks to App4FREE, the best app to get amazing deals on the App Store!

No support for :
– iCloud
– iOS 7 beta versions

The first 7.1 audio player for iOS !!!

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Dimensiunea aplicatiei este: 47.4 Mb

  • Dan D

    Am incercat pe o pereche de casti Sony MDR-P180.Model mai vechi dar si asa se simte o diferenta mare intre ceea ce ofera playerul nativ si aceasta aplicatie.

  • Nebunyky

    probat iphone 4 cu castile originale, la unele melodii distorsioneaza foarte rau, mai ales cand alegi 7.1 cu iboost
    pt un telefon e de ajuns playerul implicit

  • VYC

    Chiar 7+1?Logica 7.1 inseamna 7 boxe.6 sateleti si un subwoofer.Cum dreaq asculti intr-un difuzor (logic mono) tu sunet 7.1.Valabil si pt casti.Maxim sunetul va fi stereo cu unele ecouri.Lol comic.

  • Doc

    Vyc, nota 3! “Virtual surround is an audio system which attempts to create the perception that there are many more sources of sound than are actually present. In order to achieve this it is necessary to devise some means of tricking the human auditory system into thinking that a sound is coming from somewhere that it is not. Most recent examples of such systems are designed to simulate the true (physical) surround sound experience using one, two or three loudspeakers. Such systems are popular among consumers who want to enjoy the experience of surround sound without the large number of speakers that are traditionally required to do so.” de pe wikipedia.