Seful diviziei Android il ironizeaza pe Tim Cook


  Sundar Pichai este seful diviziei Android din cadrul companiei Google, iar intr-un interviu recent acordat celor de la Businessweek el a vorbit inclusiv despre unele afirmatii facute de catre Tim Cook. Pentru inceput el spune ca Android-ul este sistemul de operare cu cea mai rapida rata de adoptie din istorie, afirmatia venind pe fondul declaratiilor lui Tim Cook care sustinea ca tot mai multi posesori de terminale Android fac trecerea la iPhone.

Every piece of data I look at tells me that people are adopting Android at a faster pace than any other operating system. We are doing remarkably well… They run a great show. I take it for the value of the show… Do I worry about what they are doing? Yes. They are a great company. I think they are building a very good product and it’s vertically integrated, which helps them do certain things faster.

  Clarificand aceasta “problema”, Pichai continua prin atacarea unei afirmatii facute de catre Tim Cook care sustinea ca Android-ul este  un sistem de operare toxic. Oferind un raspuns elegant, Pichai sustine ca pentru Apple este mult mai simplu sa creeze produse si un sistem de operare controland intregul proces de productie si componentele implementate in terminale, pe cand Android trebuie gandit pentru o diversitate de configuratii.

It must be liberating [for Apple] to wake up and think about your device, your software, and hey, ‘I can even call the chipset guys and say what the chip should be. I have to think about building a platform and bringing as many people along on this journey and getting it right. I believe that ultimately it’s a more powerful approach, but it’s a lot more stressful as well.

 Mergand mai departe Pichai vorbeste despre securitatea Android-ului si atacurile malware indreptate impotriva platformei, iar daca sunteti interesati de tot, puteti citi intregul interviu.