Prima Pagina Apple Safari 6.2 si 7.1 beta au fost lansate de catre Apple

Safari 6.2 si 7.1 beta au fost lansate de catre Apple



  In cursul noptii trecute compania Apple a lansat versiunile beta 7.1 si 6.2 a Safari pentru OS X Mavericks si OS X Mountain Lion, ele putand fi instalate imediat de catre acestia. Conform changelog-ului oferit de catre compania americana, noile versiuni ale browserului aduc suport pentru WebGL, INdexedDB si imbunatatesc performantele JavaScript in timpul incarcarii paginilor web.

  Mai mult decat atat, noile versiuni ale Safari modifica modul in care sunt folosite extensiile, toate add-on-urile instalate deja fiind dezactivate automat in timpul instalarii. Update-urile pot fi instalate de catre dezvoltatori

Focus Areas
Please focus testing on the following areas:
• Please test general website compatibility.
• Subpixel rendering is now on by default for all web content. Web sites or
in-app web views with extremely tight design constraints may render
• CSS object model getters will return fractional double values based on
subpixel layout and rendering metrics instead of rounded integral values. • Please test extension compatibility.
New WebKit Features
• WebGL. Safari support for WebGL allows developers to create 3D experiences that work natively without plug-ins.
• IndexedDB. The IndexedDB API allows web developers to store structured data for web applications that work online or require large amounts of data to be cached client side.
• JavaScript Promises. Safari enables JavaScript authors to more naturally work with asynchronous programming patterns.
• CSS Shapes and Compositing. Using CSS, websites can now easily flow text around images and geometry shapes, and perform image compositing operations on DOM elements.