Prima Pagina aplicatii QuickFolders aduce un nou mod de a interactiona cu folderele in iOS...

QuickFolders aduce un nou mod de a interactiona cu folderele in iOS 7

  QuickFolders este un tweak lansat in cursul acestei seri in Cydia, iar cu ajutorul sau putem interactiona intr-un mod complet nou cu folderele in iOS 7. Dupa cum puteti vedea deja din imaginea animata de mai sus, simpla deschidere a unui folder si mutarea degetului peste iconitele sale va permite deschiderea rapida a oricarei aplicatii, insa functionalitatea nu se rezuma doar la atat.

QuickFolders is a brand new tweak that allows you to quickly navigate your folders with ease! Stock iOS 7 folders are slow and clunky, but now with QuickFolders, you can easily just tap and hold on the folder and it will open, then drag your finger (without letting go at any point) over to the app you want to open and let go. It’s faster than anything you’ve experienced before.

  Folosind acest tweak putem accesa aplicatii chiar si fara a deschide efectiv folderul, iar folosind 5 gesturi prestabilite putem deschide pana la 5 aplicatii din foldere efectuand acele gesturi peste iconitele lor. QuickFolders are disponibil un meniu de setari in aplicatia Settings a iDevice-urilor, permite personalizarea functionalitatii dupa bunul plac, totul foarte simplu si usor.

With gestures you can easily launch your favourite apps without even opening the folder! You can, for example, swipe down on the folder icon to launch the first app. Although, there is much more than that. You can choose from a list of 5 gestures. Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right and Double Tap. Any of these gestures can be assigned to do any of the 5 actions.

  QuickFolders este disponibil la pretul de 2$ in repo-ul BigBoss al Cydia.