iBlueNova a fost lansata!

Astazi, dupa luni si luni de asteptare a fost lansata in sfarsit iBluenova, singura aplicatie din lume compatibila cu toate terminalele mobile ce ruleaza iPhone OS, care permite utilizatorilor de iPhone/iPod Touch sa trimita fisiere prin intermediul BlueTooth intre cele 2 iDevice-uri dar si catre alte telefoane mobile. Cu iBlueNova puteti trimite filmulete, melodii, poze, orice fel de fisiere direct prin intermediul BlueTooth fara nici un fel de probleme si este compatibila cu aproape orice fel de telefon compatibil BlueTooth de pe piata la ora actuala. Este de departe una dintre cele mai complete aplicatii pentru file sharing disponibila pentru iPhone/iPod Touch si cu siguranta un must have pentru oricine deoarece doar prin intermediul ei veti putea transfera fisiere de pe iPhone/iPod Touch-ul vostru catre alte telefoane folosind BlueTooth.

Am vorbit foarte mult despre ia, facem acum o reamintire a feature-urilor care au fost aduse acestei aplicatii.

In iBlueNova beta 3 au fost implementate urmatoarele features :

  • License integration.
  • Allow the closure and reopening of the UI from the daemon;
  • Sharing of contacts integration.
  • multiple transfers (you need to change the rfcomm to have this feature working perfectly);
  • GPS integration;
  • integrated keyboard and mouse;
  • Resolve the timeout sending a file with authentication enabled
  • Fixes an issue with the approval of the BT on 3G
  • Completing the integration of licenses
  • Fixed bug with opening files from iFile.
  • Removed backgrounding native.

– Modified RFCOMM, L2CAP and OBEX to solve the “failed transfer” to some devices. Remember that the previous version had some problems with certain cell transfer
but now things are much better and continue to test only some Nokia N Serie;

-Rewrote the UI image viewer, adding the ability to make a slideshow of photo;

-Fixed the display of the speed of the transfer;

-Fixed moving files in the directories set to end transfe;

-Adding to the section “All tracks” in the viewing of album;

-Further improves the speed of the overall transfer;

-The media player was fixato and now I can play the tracks properly within the application itself, even if you have set the Silent profile;

– Added Italian localization.

Here’s the complete roadmap:

For version 2.0:

For version 2.0.1:

For version 2.1:

iBlueNova beta 4 a venit cu urmatoarele noutati :

# Fixed an issue with the Nokia N series that now the transfers are properly to all devices
# Fixed an authentication problem.
# Increase the speed of transfers exceeding also 150KB/sec for download.
# Added a new screen that allows you to view the services offered by the remote device to which we are linked. This feature is accessible by simply selecting the name of the device via the search screen.
# Resolved a problem with the rehabilitation of the native Bluetooth.
# Added the icon on the statusbar so as to let us know when we have the daemon running.

Si bugurile rezolvate inainte de lansarea finala :

– iPod Touch 2g is supported (no support for iPod Touch 1g, since it has no bluetooth hardware). iPod Touch 3g support is experimental.
– iPhone 2g, 3g & 3gs are supported.
– Firmware 3.0 and above are supported.
– Music library is read-only, no received music or video will be saved in the library.
– iBluetooth licenses will STILL be valid for iBlueNova.
– 1 license = 1 device (doesn’t matter if you will use the old license on a new device).
– Release is near, we are defining the last items needed for publications.
– Downloading from cydia store is independent from purchasing on cydia store. This will allow you to download and try iBlueNova for 15 days BEFORE purchasing a full license.
– No previews are released to other blogs, follow iSpazio for iBlueNova images, videos or updates.
Aplicatia costa 5.99$ si este disponibila incepand de acum in Cydia! iBlueNova beneficiaza de un trial de 15 zile asa ca sariti pe ea!


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