iPhone 4 are probleme si cu senzorul de proximitate


Pe langa problemele cu ecranul si semnalul s-ar parea ca iPhone 4 are si probleme cu senzorul de proximitate, acel senzor pozitionat langa difuzorul de sus al telefonului care are menirea de a inchide ecranul atunci cand duceti telefonul la ureche pentru a nu atinge cu fata butoanele de pe ecran. Mai multi utilizatori au raportat ca senzorul de proximitate din iPhone 4 ar fi prost configurat astfel ca acesta inchide ecranul prea incet si persoanele apasa din greseala tasta “End Call” spre exemplu cand duc telefonul la ureche sau cand il iau de la ureche senzorul deschide ecranul prea devreme si rezultatul e acelasi.

Yesterday, after camping out 13.5 hours in jacksonville, a 2 hour drive from Tallahassee where I’m currently attending FSU, I noticed my calls were hanging up out of nowhere. I didn’t attribute this to the antenna problem because not only do I have a bumper but the call also did not show up as failed, merely as hung up (would return me to my recent calls page). I then started thinking i might be cheek dialing…a quick call to moviefone to give me a chance to mess with the proximity sensor using my hands showed it is COMPLETELY out of wack. It takes too long to turn off once you put it to your face (thus hanging up on people with my cheek) and would turn on immediately after pulling it away from my face half an inch. A quick search on google and the macrumors forums show that many people are experiencing the problem.

Mai bifam o “problema” care deocamdata se manifesta doar la anumite persoane insa sunt sigur ca in zilele urmatoare vor fi umplute forumurile de tot felul de persoane care raporteaza cine stie ce alte probleme. Pana acum problema cu butoanele inversate mi se pare cea mai originala, astept cu mare interes sa vad ce mai gasesc oamenii prin iPhone 4.